How to make a Plugin??? :D

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Spears, Jan 14, 2011.

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    I'm sure it is painfully complicated, and maybe harder to answer as 1.2 is out now and I and I'm sure others are failing to get hMod or bukkit to work.

    where to start??? (link to good tutorials)
    would I have to learn some java script???
    ideas on finding someone to help??? offers???
    I am a determined person and I'm think/hope ;) I'm smart enough to do something like this.

    so yeah just where to start???
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    too many ???s but ok well as you should know bukkit and suck are not finished and there is almost no docs for it.
    so if you want to start:

    here is a sample plugin:

    the javadocs:
    --- merged: Jan 14, 2011 2:05 PM ---
    oh and check out the howto make a plugin wiki here:

    install guide here:
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    I would recommend learning some Java (not javascript) first. Use the IDE from PrivateAlpha's link ( it features an IDE. Starting out without one would be painful for a starter.

    This is just my opinion, but perhaps start with a "Hello, World" or perhaps even calculator before trying to make a mod. Unless you know another language (C++ I've heard to be an easy language to come from)
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    You'll want a basic understanding of Java before working on a plugin, it will help a lot.
    I recommend using an IDE like eclipse or netbeans, makes things much easier.
    There are many free books on google that can help you learn Java.
    Once you're familiar with the Java programming language, take a look at the bukkit wiki.
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    I would like to learn how as well. I hate the bukkit /give system, and I wnat to devloupe a plugin that will read a items.txt and spawn from that.
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    General plugin does that for you...

    But I learned from the video that is somewhere on this forum and from wiki.
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    Why I get these errors here?

  8. That means you don't know the eclipse/java basics..
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    i just want to write a small plugin to show server rules with /rules
  10. Well, none of the code in your screenshot is going to do that. So throw away everything you have so far, and start here.
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    Hmm you are in the package com.bukkit.mindcode.sample and on top of the SampleBlockListener you can see a com.dinnerbone.bukkit.sample.. i REALLY think there is something wrong here ;)
    But serious guy. Install an existing plugin or learn java first.

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    quantum, i know, this is just a sample plugin i downloaded from dinnerborn , but i get those errors even if i do it just like in the tutorial..
    i get the same errors Oo
    --- merged: Jan 17, 2011 7:21 PM ---
    learning by doing ;)

    and it wont solve:

    The import org.bukkit.Block cannot be resolved

    import org.bukkit.Block;
  13. Could you post the code you made from the tutorial?
    --- merged: Jan 17, 2011 7:24 PM ---
    All Block stuff has been moved into the block package, so that needs to be changed to
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    I appreciate this. Thats why I told you where the bug in your code is. But it's easier to do a simple Java for beginners tutorial. (1 hour tutorial will save you lots of hours of "try and error" maybe ;) )
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    Marco van Dijk

    Hey, i don't know if it's okay to revive this thread, but i was wondering the same thing.
    I already know some C#, and i made a simple script for worldedit. (It fills the dispenser with item or itemid you tell to fill it with) But now i want to convert it into an seperate plugin.

    I hope someone can help me with this, if you want to see the code you can ask me.
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    I'd like to learn java too, but I can't seem to find a good tutorial or something. Anyone have any suggestions? (BTW, I have no coding experience whatsoever.)
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    NO GOOD TUTORIAL? Here are some sites that are good for searching: ; ;
    You can also go to a library or a book store and buy a Beginning Java Programming by <author name>. Plus you can go on the Sun (Oracle) website, you know where you downloaded Java.
    Seriously how is it possible NOT to find a single good tutorial on an entire programming language?
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    i learned it by reading other plugin sourcecode. and then understand what it does. then try to create own. first with copy & paste of 1-2 functions, copied a listener etc. and then started writing on my own. was about 3 days till i was in it.
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    Yes it really is simple once you start understanding the once-gibberish like: int, char, String, long, void, Classes, Constructors and Methods/functions
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    I would recommend Java for Dummies. It is extremely helpful for people new to Java.

    (Lol, thread necromancy much?)
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    Recorded lectures from Stanford, very good lectures targeted to people with little programming background.
    The wiki has got some good links.

    Start by learning java and then you might want to try looking at plugin source code and the bukkit javadoc.

    with that little tool you can look at the code of an already compiled .jar file.
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    Buying things... LOL, im poor and ive spent a good chunk of my life searching google for it, i need something FREE, and something english... too many tutorials with foreign people in them
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    Oracle's website, thenewboston on YouTube. Lots more just on YouTube, sounds like to me that you did not do a thorough enough search.
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    I personally found this site extremely useful for getting to grips with Eclipse (I was a Java novice when I read it, but already had plenty of C/Perl experience - Java's not a huge leap from that):

    I wouldn't even consider trying to do any programming without an IDE, and your free choices are either Eclipse or NetBeans. I like Eclipse, not familiar with NetBeans.

    You will also need to bookmark the Java API reference:

    And the Bukkit javadocs:

    And then go through the tutorial and look at other people's plugins. Most people provide the source to their plugins, and it's absolutely invaluable.
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    You need basic java knowledge, look at thenewboston's tutorials on youtube for java
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    I also want to make a plugin but I don't know how to make a plugin that creates NPC's and items.

    Edit: I won't put the name 'cause then you steal my idea.
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    You can't create items and blocks with a server mod, at least without a client side mod, too.
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    Then can you tell me what a client side mod is?
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