How To Improve Bukkit Server Performance

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Pickerbenny, Jan 12, 2013.

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    I Am Running a bukkit server on my other laptop. the specs are single core 1.6ghz 4gb RAM
    The Internet is Ethernet Instead Of wireless.. Time Warner Cable Internet

    Anything i can do/ tweak in the bukkit files to inprove my server performance..? maybe a possible change in hardware?

    It Also Runs Windows 7 But In Max Performance Settings

    If You Want to see what i mean by laggy go here ip:
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    Here's a few threads you can look over:

    Generally you just want to cut down on your plugins and use a server OS, rather than for example Windows Vista/7. I'd recommend Debian, if you can manage a linux server.

    To be honest though, depending on what kind of processor your laptop has, it may always be a limitation for the server.
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    The CPU, being single core and slow... as well as a laptop so potentially a mobile version of the chip... is just simply not enough horsepower.

    Laptops are notorious for using low power and power saving technology, which will mean your hard drive is probably slower, as well as your memory. It produces less heat that way, which is favorable in a laptop... but really sucks when you need to do something like run a server, which prefers fast speed all around.
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    Yeah.. generally a bad idea to run a server on a laptop.. Just get another computer and slap BSD or Debian on it and have fun. Also I would say TWC is the worst ISP to host anything on (depending on your location). An alternative that might be nicer, but will cost you money is to just get and pay for a host to host your server.
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