How to freeze players without having it look glitchy

Discussion in 'Resources' started by AstramG, May 21, 2013.

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    I know I'm a bit late but I have a solution of my own that works pretty well:

    This will make it so they can't move at all, the only thing is that other players will see the player sitting in the air.
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    AstramG With that potion and that walkspeed you can still move if you sprint and rapid fire the jump key.
    This works well, but you look very odd.
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    Is it possible to stop movement of all the mobs?
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    I just want to point out here that players with hacked clients can bypass most methods mentioned here easily. I would recommend using one of the smooth methods used here in combination with listening for the PlayerMoveEvent
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    Ivan I'm at a loss here, how do your post profile show your minecraft account
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    AFAIK, only with nms can you solidly freeze them. 1.6 however has attributes, which are awesome, and one of them is speed related and you will be able to set the speed of any mob to 0.
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    hawkfalcon Awesome! When will the API be released?
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    Whenever it is finished, you could always submit a PR to the github :)
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