Solved HOW TO DELETE ( PERMANETLY ) Plugin Metrics

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ZeroZX4, Apr 2, 2012.

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    There are plugin-specific options to disable metrics, it's called looking in your config YML files before using plugins (which is what all competent server administrators should do anyway)

    Rather than our continuing to poke fun at the OP and having a friendly little flame war, it might be a good idea to stop bumping a 'solved' issue to the top of the forum. :D
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    You can't even get a virus from it. It doesn't download anything, he is just confused and think he got a virus from the because of the package name (com.griefcraft...)
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    lol your signature
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    Whats with my signature?
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    Says the guy with the... well... interesting avatar
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    Implyign my avatar is of any relavence to my maturity level
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    Dafuq ^^? Hihihi.

    I knew it, the discussion went to a misunderstandable level :3
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    Wow, this was an interesting thread to read.

    "Without your permission"... Lol. I'm more concerned about the occasional spam, not the "permission" part. Mostly because its

    a) Built into the code
    b) Most decent plugins have it
    c) It doesn't affect the server in any way
    d) It helps plugin developers

    You went through a lot of trouble for absolutely no gain :p

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    I don't get why he want to delete it. Okay, it will be better when not built in, but as a outside statistics collection plugin, dowloaded at LWC or Essentials first run (so user can delete if he is performance-maniac ^^), and if it will stop spamming with errors, but it's rather small problems anyway.

    Tbh, the only real concern is that spam. But I didn't see it in a while, so maybe it's fixed already.
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    cause i did not ask any 1 for plugin metrics no 1 did warn me when i was downloading that it will be installed and no 1 leave me option do i want it or not

    as you would read my reps it is solved
    i already found how to remove it permanently and non of my plugins use it any more

    if any plugin developer would want info about how much we use their plugins there are many many many other ways to do so and not by forcing us to have plugin metrics
    (personally i dont see a problem in it as i said when LWC or Show Case plugin developer leaved under download link warning that "THIS PACKAGE CONTAINS PLUGIN METRICS WHICH WILL SEND ANONYMOUS INFO ABOUT OF HOW MANY PPL USE MY PLUGIN" than i had option to remove it but i never did cause i choose to keep it and i was not forced to have it)

    for me its like add on toolbars when we install small programs and they put it in installation process to install for example (most known) ask toolbar and even to set this company site to our homepage < which is main reason why ppl are using other browser than IE and even further ppl like me who switched to opera cause it never allow any 3rd party software to be installed to it
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    Hm, but when you install plugin, you automatically accept it's contents (in most licenses). I mean, it's author's choice whether he will include something or not, if you don't accept what plugin provides you can don't use such plugin.

    True that it's awful to make this sort of surprises (":mad: what happened to my console, unhandled cannot connect to griefcraft?, dafuq is that?" - my reaction first time I saw metrics and it's spam in action) , but it's not unfair, because you have accepted the license:oops:

    Just saying that maybe it's not nice, but it's still legit. Nevermind.
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    i did read your reply but i still dont understand what you mean by
    how any 1 can force or prevent me from deleting that plugin metrics ? so if i use this program to translate plugins to my language i break any license in changing it content than who can stop me from that ? it is my choice what i have on my hdd

    no 1 force me to download plugins and than no 1 should care how i use or edit them

    so like that whole licenses for me is like they just can ask me if i want to respect license all they can do is say very big "PLEASE" and pray that i will care
    but they have no means to force me to cause i just use it for my self and im not distributing it anywhere

    this is all about support and being fair on both sides
    that reminds me of 1 video from angry joe i seen yesterday on youtube called "WTF?! Street Fighter x Tekken Angry Rant!" (i mean the part about DLC)

    i want to support just like this guy but i will never support BS

    mod edit- removed unrelated video
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    As such, the original question appears to have been solved. Closing.
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