Solved HOW TO DELETE ( PERMANETLY ) Plugin Metrics

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by ZeroZX4, Apr 2, 2012.

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    here is screen of my few plugins

    i only configured pex and imported old cofing of essentials to this new server

    and in the mater of F

    why there is plugin metrics ? where it come from

    and above that best question HOW TO REMOVE IT ?
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    Why would you want to? Plugins use it to gather stats about their data, and it's all anonymous, to remove the folder you'd have to delete the plugins that use it. (Even if you opt-out:true, the folder will keep creating itself.)
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    well cause its something i didnt not place there or i didnt ask any 1 for it

    so tell me which plugins use cause it so i can delete that plugins and find replacement

    i dont care if its anonymous if as long as it was placed there without my permissions im not willing to let gather anything

    they can gather my fist in their face
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    You are extremely annoying... -.-'

    Anyways, when you download the plugin you agree to it. I believe LWC uses it, Essentials might.

    But honestly, why are you such a jackass?
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    • Inappropriate Behavior
    cause dad was walking in to my bed when i was young

    well anyway why not ? its fun for sure

    i dont have LWC i just have essentials i gonna try without it

    anyway if i see that any plugin warn me that downloading it will cause that it will send anonymous info about usage than i would see no problem in it cause LWC or showcase had that before and i see that plugin creater warn me on page even so he gives info on how to turn it off

    but never i will agree to send any info if its without my permissions and behind my ass
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    For the record, I dislike these "Opt-in by default" statistics gathering plugins.

    However, in each of the plugins that use this, there should be a method for opt out. For LWC, its in the core.yml. Not sure about Essentials, just dig around the config.
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    Well, it's good to know that opening up it's config and finding the word "grief" (#
    opt-out: false) was only a poor choice of words. I thought it might be something awful.
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    /essentials opt-out
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    i want to delete it not to turn it off

    delete permanently

    i gonna change the title

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    you can't "delete" it without removing the plugins that contain it. When it's disabled, metrics does literally nothing, so I personally would just suck up having inactive code on my server and disable it. I personally love the idea of metrics, but they provide the ability to disable it for people who don't.
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    You can't. Just because the plugins have the code in it.
    If you really, really, really want to delete it, delete the plugins that have Metrics in them.
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    plugin metrics can be best plugin created in plugins history
    but i dont care as long as its placed on my pc without my permission

    u see list of my plugins tell me which plugins create it so i can serarch it and remove that code my self
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    You can't remove it but you can disable it so it doesn't send any stats in /plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml
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    Some notes
    1. It's not a plugin
    2. It was placed on your PC with your permission, as you downloaded the plugin containing Metrics
    3. There's a list of plugins using metrics at
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    Oo really ? cause well i just did it was essentials i removed metrics from it and folder dont appear again

    now just essentials give error about missing metrics but essentials it self works fine
    i gonna now search ing code to remove it

    that link will be allot help to me so i can check if plugin i gonna use have that that is actually helpful

    and here is essentials without plugin metrics if any 1 dont want it as i do
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    Good for you, now that scary folder is gone and you got yourself an error instead.
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    *claps in hands*

    It's pretty pointless what you are trying to do, but if you don't want to help plugin authors, sure. Whatever.
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    blackvoid yea that error is so scary i need to hide console when it appears or else i can die
    im just gonna remove part of code and there will be no errors anyway

    Lolmewn when guy who made showcase or LWC i dont remember they say that pack include plugin metrics which will anonymously send him info about his plugin usage and we can simply delete it if we want to

    but im force to use it ? well seams no

    i just dont like fact that something is placed on my pc without my permission no 1 asked me do i want this metrics there

    ur further replyes r pointless since my problem was solved ow wait u can reply i just turned off "watch this thread"
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    Not a single . in your post.
    How the f*ck do you do that :confused:
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    When I got error in Bukkit console my antivirus found Trojan in all Minecraft with exe extension on my drive.
    In error was wrote: com.griefcraft.... I want find plugin which trying to install some crapware on my computer. Suspicion fell on the Metrics...
    sry 4 my english, its not my common language.
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    com.griefcraft is metrics, but seriously, don't worry, it won't hurt you
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    This guy is extremely immature :/
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    I doubt that'd work, not that I've tried
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    Nathan C

    Probably a malwaretrojvirus.
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    It is nice to know how many people run your plugin - but again it can be very annoying for server admins.

    This is the reason bPermissions has no stat tracking in it - I just assume 16 downloads == 1 server in which case bPermissions version 2.9.1 is running on 1000 servers.

    Obviously this is a very pessimistic way to do it since from my time when I did have stats we got up to 2.5k servers running various versions of bPermissions - but still - it gives me an idea.
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    To be honest, metrics is great, but it sometimes make terrible spam on console. It really deserve good exception-catching code. So, for now, I will be really happy to turn it temporarly off until it will be fixed (I mean that cannot connect to error). But I see no reason to remove it, especially if I download plugin with it, which means that (if license doesn't authorize me to do it) I can't remove it (and it will be pointless and awful for author btw.).
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    I like that :)
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    You are more amusingly thick than Borat himself.
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    Reading your rabblings on how it was installed "without your permission", makes me wonder how much IQ I have actually lost.
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    I can understand, in a way, where OP is coming from; when I decide to use a plugin, I want to use that plugin and not bloat that comes with it intentionally. I understand that it helps the plugin dev's, and I have no problem with the fact that it's there, I just want to be given the option to have it at all as well. I know you can opt out, which I don't because it is helpful to them, but the option to chose for myself would be nice.

    When I install Java, I don't want the shitty bar or bing bar or w/e the fuck they string along with it, so I like the option they give me to not use it. It's more about the option than anything, not the principle of what it actually does ;)
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