How to add cooldown to commands

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by jacklin213, Nov 15, 2012.

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    Im trying to develop a plugin and i need to know how to put it on cool down after a player uses it, and the cool down is player specific
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    Have a boolean variable for the player with a schedule assigned to it.
    After a player uses it the boolean is set to false, and a timer begins and at the end of that it goes back to true.
    If a player tries to use it while it shows false, it cancels the command and sends them a message.
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    so ill have to do this to every player who uses the command?
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    It would be a method with an input of the player (in either string or player) which when the player types the command a scheduler is auto created from the method.
    Not sure if their are other ways to approach it but this is the way I would.
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    Have a list, not a boolean, a boolean is a one time use, you can't reuse it several times at once, a list you can.

    Add them to the list after they used the command, remove them after the timer is up.
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    Anyone mind doing an example
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    This is part of the plugin I'm making for my server
    In onEnable it runs voteReminder(120);
    Then the timer schedules, then after 120 seconds, it runs again, reminds the user again, etc.

    Main class:
    2. public void voteReminder(int seconds)
    3. {
    4. Timer timer = new Timer();
    5. timer.schedule(new VoteRemindTimer(), seconds * 1000);
    6. //add to a hashmap here
    7. }

    VoteRemindTimer class:
    2. package;
    4. import java.util.TimerTask;
    5. import me.iforgot290.bosscraft.BossCraft;
    6. import org.bukkit.configuration.file.FileConfiguration;
    8. public class VoteRemindTimer extends TimerTask
    9. {
    10. private BossCraft plugin;
    11. private VoteRemind method;
    13. public void run()
    14. {
    15. int seconds = this.plugin.getConfig().getInt("SecondsBetweenRemind");
    16. this.method.voteReminder(seconds);
    17. //take away from hashmap
    18. }
    19. }

    If you want to see if an user can do a command, just add them to a hash map in the voteReminder, then take them away in the VoteRemindTimer class

    Add an if statement in onCommand()
    if (hashmap.contains)

    And thats pretty much how.
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    use an HashMap of player names long values, and store the System.currentTimeMillis() there
    1. // Define the HashMap
    2. HashMap<String, Long> cooldown = new HashMap<String, Long>();
    3. // To check the time, assume Player p:
    4. // Check if the player has used the command before, and if he did, it was at least 10 seconds ago
    5. if(!cooldown.contains(p.getName()) || (System.currentTimeMillis() - cooldown.get(p.getName()) > 10000)
    6. {
    7. cooldown.put(p.getName(), System.currentTimeMillis());
    8. }
    9. else
    10. {
    11. p.sendMessage("Please wait another "+ Math.round((System.currentTimeMillis() - cooldown.get(p.getName()) )/1000) +" seconds");
    12. }
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    so do i stick this in a new method or just before i use the commnd
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    the if-else goes before you use the command
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    So like this?
    1. if (commandLabel.equalsIgnoreCase("cdr")){
    2. //your code here?
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    Well if you have only one command, yes. If you have multiple ones, you would have to modify the HashMap:
    1. HashMap<String, HashMap<String, Long>> cooldown = new HashMap<String, HashMap<String, Long>>();

    Where the first string is the command, and String in the nested HashMap is the player. (You could also switch this, so the first String is the player, and the HashMap contains the command name and the timestamp)
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