How rare are the new features?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Richard Scheide, Sep 19, 2011.

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    Richard Scheide

    With the 1.8.1 release. How rare are the NPC villages and old mines? Haven't found one NPC village yet. Only one mine.
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    Jeremy Stuck

    The mines are litterally all over the place. NPC villages are about 1 per 3-4 biomes (and thats guessing) found 3 on my server so far. Have not found a stronghold yet.
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    Richard Scheide

    After I posted, I did a hi-res Dynmap and found 7 villages. Guess we all walked right by. No strongholds as well.
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    There are 3-4 strongholds per MAP
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    I have like 3 people constantly exploring trying to find all the strongholds on my server and claim them with WorldGuard before the others do... It's so fun. :D
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    I do have a stronghold on my map, although I dont know where. Just saw my players get all excited in the console about finding it.
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    The 1.8.1 version of the Server places exactly 3 strongholds on the map. That's hardcoded into the Minecraft server.
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    Don Redhorse

    another question... are those feature hardcoded into the terrain generator or are the "truely" random... so if I have a seed... will the village be always at the same place?
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    Because of the way Minecraft's generator works, they must be based on the seed. The server generates the terrain features one chunk at a time, and each chunk is totally its own process, so it needs to be able to reliably determine whether it contains a village or part of a village.

    I'm not keen on the *exact* specifics (I think that terrain features tend to "start" in a particular chunk, and then can affect neighboring chunks) but I'm certain that nothing in the terrain generator is truly random.
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    okay, what could be my problem? i havent seen one village or stronghold and neither have any of my peeps... in upwards of 6 hours of gameplay... on 2 maps.

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    A stronghold was discovered on our server. It was deep underground and not easy to find.
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    The Npc villages are great! I found one big City, and a Mine!
    But also there are Bad things, like bugged NPC villages. A stronghold i don't found yet
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    Every NPC village I've found was in the desert, sometimes 3 per.

    Check in a a desert close to spawn, I think they try and guarantee one near spawn.
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    im pretty sure they simply arent spawning... actually in single player OR multiplayer. i created like, 3 singleplayer worlds just a few hours ago and havent found anything but natural world. i see ravines, and rivers... but no dice on villages or strongholds. ive searched and searched and searched... close to spawn, in deserts, fields, on mountains, next to rivers, underwater, i turned on flying and flew for miles and miles... no dice.
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    out of curiosity...what is a minecraft mile? 5280 blocks?

    On another note. my pre-1.8 build i only found one npc village. However, other 1.8.1 servers I've played on i found 3 npc villages within 1000 blocks of spawn. Still ahven't found a stronghold.
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    Emiya Shirou

    Ware those servers on bukkit or vanilla?
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    latter were on bukkit
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    I cheated.... I opened my map with MCEdit and found the strongholds right away. Consider that they are constructed with new materials (iron bars and iron doors) they stuck out like a sore thumb.

    BTW, per the Official wiki, the strongholds are located between 500 & 1100.
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    nope, in MC 1 block is 1 meter x 1 meter x 1 meter. So 1000 blocks is a kilometer. a mile is 1.6 kilometers so about 1600 blocks is a mile.

    Im pretty sure :p
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    Finally found some villages when using Bukkit (1149).
    In a 700 block radius, two NPC villages were generated on a map with seed -1881177415362389543
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    makes sense! haha so a minecraft dude is like 1.8 meteres?
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    think so :D
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm we have a hunt goin atm for a new seed... with vanialla... we find all the time villages, ravines, mines etc.. no stronghold yet.. if you want pics and seeds... I could post a linky... if allowed..
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    I've loaded DynMap on my server, and it seems there are a mine per/chunk!! NPC village each 5th chunk. They are everywhere! :confused:
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    has anyone edited dynmap's colorscheme file to try and find strongholds? say, delete all the values in the colorscheme except those known to exist in strongholds, such as stonebrick?

    im going to attempt it now, but i have NO idea how to edit the colorscheme file and not break anything... if anyone has ideas... feel free to help
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