How much ram does my server need

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by sylentking, Jan 7, 2014.

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    Hey I plan on adding lots of plugins around 30 or less I still don't know I plan on having worlds like Survival worlds, Faction world, Creative world and some mini games. also plan from 50-100 players also anyone know a good cheap server hosting I wanted GGservers but I heard bad things about it and anyone know if is any good please help me I'm new to server things
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    u need to look for server with good CPU at least 3,00 - xenon or i7, and at least 8 gb ram( for me 8 gb is enoght for 200 players) plus not a hdd but ssd, less lags.
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    a 7200 rpm hdd should be fine..
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    Why the hell would anybody pick the dirt option over the stone one...
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    Garris0n Idk, every host has those options. Frag.Net, BeastNode, CubeHost, MPServ,, MultiMinecraft, ShardGaming, ect, ect... I guess it's for private servers. Like two friends, idk.
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    Yeah, but for an extra $0.50 you can get double the people on...I'd take that.
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    billytheDOLPHIN they offer high quality minecraft hosting for $5.00 a GB of RAM. All their server run dual intel xeon l5520's with 72GB of DDR3 RAM and Intel 240GB SSD's.

    Hope this helped.

    Sorry sir,

    But your grammar is awful, and your hosting knowledge is ZERO.
    So please stop misleading people.....


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    You could always host it yourself, if you have the know-how.
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    maybe my grammar isnt the best, im Latvian, but im working in SIA multimedia expert, for past 6 years im computer technican, and i made the server by my own, so if u are having linux, u can host 30 ppl on 1 gb ram, and u are saying that im misleading people?
  11. I would buy a Server because it's too laggy to host it from the own Computer.
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