How many worlds is too much?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by LaxWasHere, Dec 29, 2012.


How many?

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    I currently have about 24 worlds loaded in my server, planning on adding about 4 more this weekend. While the server can handle it, the startup seems to take forever (90 secs). So the question is, how many worlds is too much and how many worlds do you guys have?
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  3. LaxWasHere why would you even need this many? I have been on you're server before, but I don't see the point?
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    Have you seen the giant wall of signs? Each layer is a world.
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    Uhm... Depends on what type of sever you want...
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    If you think you have too many worlds, you have too many worlds.
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    It's not a problem to have a huge number off world on your server, IF you have set the "keepspawninmemory" to "0" on the configuration file of multivers.

    IF it's set to 1, the serveur will keep in memory large and useless areas, will aslo spend cpu on entitites, IA etc....

    IF it's set to 0. Worlds are juste some text lines in the configuration files. Not loaded.

    So, it's not impacting your server at all.

    ( I use TheCleaner plugin, to know how many chunk and entitites are loaded by world, usefull.
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    What this guy said.

    So, why the hell do you need 24 worlds? What's the point? I have four on my server and I already think it's too many... :confused:

    - Survival world
    - Old survival world (for nostalgia & people who don't like moving)
    - Factions world (Factions instead of WG/LWC)
    - Prison world (Hoth nether; cheaters go here to be killed by withers repeatedly)
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    I run a SurvivalGames server and it has about 20 arenas = worlds. Along with TF2 and CTF worlds. While each server theme run on a different server (Bungee) this server is focused on mini/games hence the huge amount of worlds. Thinking about moving the other games onto another server to lessen the amount of worlds but the only difference that will make is lessen that start up time.

    Double0negative seems to have a lot more players than me, how many worlds do you have on your SG server?

    Lag isn't a problem to me.
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    Currently 10. Althought since we run bungee, thats only on each server. We are running 2 sg servers along with many other things.
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    What!?! You have like 200+ players in SG alone.

    I see, you split it into 2 servers.
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    Actualy only 9 worlds. Some arenas are in the same world etc, but then we have other servers you have to remember.

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    I guess I'll have to merge some of my worlds into 1 and redefine all my arenas.
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    We used to run about 15ish+ you should be fine as long as its not lagging.
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    I would suggest just doing one world, less lag, but make the areas around 250 blocks apart from each other, so like areas. If you ever played cookiecraft where you hit people with cookies, they have about 60 areas, and all in one world. They have warps for admins to access to each area so they can manage them easily.
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    I only have 4 worlds. Including the Nether and The End
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