How long should it take to get my plugin approved?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by kjSmitten, Dec 18, 2013.

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    I published a plugin, and have been waiting for it to be approved...... for TWO DAYS! I just want to know if it normally takes this long :/
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    It varies. It took three or four days for one of my plugins to get approved, some got approved in a day or less.
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    Hey kjSmitten ,

    We prefer not to give times in particular because it varies so much and generally is different in different circumstances, although if you wish to see what others have said, feel free to search for many of the other threads created on this topic.

    A reason why approval times may seem to be higher than usual at the moment is the large influx of plugin updates received just after the CraftBukkit beta build for 1.7.2 was released and many see this as a good point to update their plugins.

    This is why it is nice if you avoid uploading plugins that have just one line different saying it is for one version higher and only when you add new features or update for compatibility, as it allows everyone's approval times to be faster. :)

    ~ Hoolean
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    Hoolean Thanks for the reply! It's reassuring to know all of this :)
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    Probably due to Christmas you shouldn't count on it being less than 2 weeks. I just got one approved recently that was up for about that long. Usually it's much faster, but everyone is on vacations for the holidays.
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    Alshain01 oh wow........ well i guess it cant be helped. :/
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    Yeah, they could bring on a bunch more people but that is no guarantee it would fix it and then after the holidays they would have too many anyway. Plus like Hoolean said, 1.7 is also an issue.
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    I don't know of a file or project that's taken 2 weeks unless there's an issue with it that we're trying to work out with the author.
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    Mine took at least 12 days and that was assuming it got approved the day I flew out of town (3 days later it was definitely approved but I didn't check between then). But like I said, I just figured Christmas, I wasn't in a big hurry or anything. In fact I only know it was 12 days because of the trip, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to count.
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    I checked all of the files you've uploaded this month and they were all approved the same day you uploaded them.
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    Busted haha :p

    Normally my files get approved within 3 days, longest I had to wait was 6 days iirc
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    Project, not file.
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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    Alshain01 I checked your projects and don't see any that took more than two days to be approved.
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    Lol, well then I would say something is wrong with the data. But really it doesn't matter, I feel like you think I'm complaining, I'm really not.

    EDIT: I just looked at that project data from the main page and it's showing some really awkward dates. One of them is impossible, as I was on a plane all day.
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    Maybe you're looking at the wrong dates (the time it was approved rather than the time it was loaded) or are in a different time zone or such like, 'cos the data don't lie; the time it shows is the time it was unveiled to the public. Luckily, this means that your project approval times may be a lot better than you believe. :)


    To give you a more legitimate take on this, what Ivan said is very accurate. Approval times are generally within a few days, with longer than that only being in irregular circumstances. :D
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    I am waiting for a plugin to be approved as well for about a week now. I understand that it will take long because of the recent bukkit update. However, once an author got a plugin approved, couldn't he just get some kind of green card to freely update his versions and descriptions? It would save time for the bukkit Staff and plugins could be updated faster. If something was wrong with the plugin the comunnity would report it.
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    No. Because every version could have something in code that might interupt server privacy or have something that isn't in plugin description. Staff needs to make sure that server owners get what plugin stands for.

    Reason why its taking so long is because new UUID system who is making all developers to change their code and update it for upcoming 1.8 update. And Bukkit Dev Staff is volunteering and has other activities to do.
    Be patient, its all I could recommend
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    That would be a free pass to malicious uploads. No thanks.
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    ZeusAllMighty11: Well, that's where the community comes in. Once someone uploads something malicious they would report it. And then you could take a look at the file. Cro007 made a good point in the privacy thingy, but couldn't you build in something into bukkit that gives an alert when somebody is Sending an IP or other personal data to something that isn't bukkit? Then everybody using it would see wich information is transferred!
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    If a plugin had a virus in it and you used it its usually already too late to report it. If you want to be sure that the plugins you are downloading are completely safe, use
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    Along with this, who would decide if a part is supposed to be their or not. For example an op command, what if it was put there on purpose?

    What if that person who approves it doesn't have the experience to see the so called "virus".

    What if someone found a hole in the "alert" system? What if the plugin is encrypted, should it automatically be assumed it's malicious rather than just protecting the source code for copyright reasons? Who would be the one to put so much time to create a system like this, after all they are volunteers as stated above? Who would provide the updates for the security holes in the alert system, again more work for the staff. Take a look at anti-virus software people use today, sure it helps but does it really stop everything?

    It just seems useless over something small as waiting a few days for a plugin to be approved. My attitude is if their was a more efficient way to solve this, they would have done it.
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    This is usually done by looking at the project description. If it is unclear this is discussed with multiple admins to make sure as little mistakes are made as possible.
    DBO staff are picked by hand and all have experience enough to see "virusses" (as well as OP backdoors etc).
    Most, if not all, obfuscated plugins have malicious intent. 99.9% of plugins are not obfuscated. It becomes very hard to check the code for maliciousness if it's obfuscated. To be absolutely sure that DBO is and stays a safe place for all users, we decide whether or not it is at all possible to check obfuscated code. If it is not, we cannot check the file and therefore are forced to reject it.
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    Lolmewn I'm asking these questions in response to Devra not to the current approval system
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    Lolmewn: Does that mean we have to tidy up our code? Do you reject unsorted or bad-smell-code?
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    Devra No, not at all. If it is so messy we literally can't read it anymore, maybe. Everything is on a case-to-case basis and always gets talked through with other members of staff.
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