How does your server handle "New" people?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, Jan 27, 2012.

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    Im a little unsure what I should do.

    Im do not want to have a whitelist server BTW.

    Should I let new people be able to build? But then I imagine people getting on just to grief, and they log in, take out people's houses, then leave.

    Should I not allow them to build? Then I would have to individually promote each person, and people that join while a mod isnt on may end up never coming back.

    What do YOU do with new people on your server?


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    Think of it this way: If the server was whitelisted, most people would leave without even bothering applying. If it wasn't whitelisted, they would come on, see if staff is on. If you lose him because there is no staff member, you would have lost him with a whitelist anyways. If he comes back later, then boom! another member.

    Another thing you can do is set up small quests. E.g. finish an obstacle course, gather ___ leather, etc. Things that don't require breaking blocks, takes a bit of time, but isn't too frustrating. At the end, you can use SignCommands to automatically rank the guy up with minimal build permissions (no water/lava). After that is up to you.
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    i agree with JagCraft. But I do it differently. I'm about to change my ways up a bit here too. I have a grey listed server where "players" have to log into my message board and introduce themselves before i level them up to "crafter". This makes it so we all get to know the new person. I plan on changing this buy making a rank up system where you can buy your rank. So earn X ammont of dollars on my server and spend it on your next rank. That way you can auto level up from "player" to "beginner crafter" and so on.
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    Greylist. In the past we've had a whitelist, which worked great to create a very small tightly-knit community (about 300 on whitelist before we switched to greylist). But I didn't want to discourage new players. Also whitelisting makes it seem like it's an exclusive club. So we went to greylisting. People can join and explore, but can't build or access chests. The last part of the puzzle, imo, is allowing an easy way of getting build privileges. Just enough effort that discourages drive-by griefing, but not too much to discourage new players. The obstacle course or other new player area is a good thought. I thought about creating an introduction area, where at the end it shows them the command to elevate their privileges (or having them click, which both elevates and teleports them out). But what I really like is giving any of my regulars a command to promote a player to the base build group. (regulars group is anyone who has been around for over a month) But I don't think I'd have ever moved from the whitelist if it weren't for logging.
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    Nothing special, they have full perms and can build.

    Thanks to LogBlock and MCBans, I have very few issues that I can't resolve with a simple rollback.
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    Well, I use this amazing plugin called ThumbsApply. Players on my server start out as a guest in a room and they have to go to my forums, sign up and find the code. The code auto promotes them to Player so, they can explore and build :).
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    My server is wide open. Anyone with Minecraft can get on mine. Op status also comes standard. However, it is a private server and it is just me and a couple of friends.
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    My server is pretty hard, and that's what keeps them coming back for more. I watch my mods very closely so they don't go and spawn players stuff. you should never make a server easy!
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    I use Citizens and made a quest where people log in, get the quest, walk through the tutorial house and when they get to the top the quest reward is a console command that promotes them to Member (I use PermissionsEX)

    If they don't do this then they have no build rights. On top if this I use LogBlock, FoundBoxx, NoCheat etc... its a pretty effective combo.

    on top of that I've created a wiki for my server and I encourage all new people to read though it if they have questions about the server :p :p
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    I've got both creative and survival worlds. Newbies can only build in the survival worlds, not in creative, and my moderators are taught to simply check on every new player and /jail, /kick, and /freeze accordingly. It seems to work well for us.

    And always have a backup, for when everything goes to hell.
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