How do I make a name ip?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Chroem, Jun 10, 2012.

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    Hey, so I see many servers use name ip instead of number fx. or something like that?

    How can I make my number ip to a name ip?

    Thanks in regards,
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    If you have your MC server hosted through a company ask them if they provide a DNS name like (; you can also use services like .

    The final (and most professional) option is you purchase your own domain (which costs ~$12 / yr). Whatever company you buy your domain through should have custom dns/aname/mx records you can use to point to your server's IP address. The upside is, usually you get a web site out of the deal as well ; ). (web site hosting may cost extra)


    Also you might consider a, they are free domains.
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    Thanks. So is there any website I can standalone with no website host or anything but just the name ip?
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    Use I use it for (currently down as I am upgrading to tekkit)
    NOTE : most proffesional having default port if not it would look like for example :)
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    Is it a free one? FreeDNS?

    By the way, you mean buy domain? What product on the site should I buy to get it?
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    ewized there about $10 a year.
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    I like godaddy for URL. Their nameserver/fowarding/dns situation is easy to use. Also they're pretty cheap. They offer hosting but you don't have to buy it.
  8. three words.
    Godaddy supports SOPA.
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    I use for my domain
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    You mean the bill that was killed and has been dead for several months now? Yes... that really matters still... And now that SOPA has been uttered, here we go again!
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    Yeah I heard they did also, but a petition went around and they revoked their support. I've been using them for years and it seems to me like they listen to the community.
  12. FYI it is still around and will always be. Pass number 3.
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    instead of paying someone money couldnt you just use a virtual server then give it any IP you want using portforwarding lol? if your handy enough your can pull it off. there are alot of sites also that allow you to use a redirect to make certain things redirect to your IP. pretty sure one was called NO-IP (don't quote me on that) ummm. dlink also offers a service that allows you to change it. idk how well it works though. i always just used the base IP. works better for just home use.
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    Moniker is the best registrar. :3

    Cheap and good.
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    Every domain is an IP, that's how the internet works ;)
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    Yeah no-ip is the one I use. It's really great and it's free. The best part is it has an application that auto-updates the free url they give you when your ISP changes your public ip. What they give you free though is a subdomain of something like or I still purchased a url and just redirect to the no-ip one so it looks nicer.
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    Every domain name have an Ip address and vice-verse.. I suggest to check your Ip address name and register your domain for affordable cost
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