How do i get Myplot?

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by idacookiemonsta, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I know it cost money but where do i buy it cause when i go to idk where to buy it so can u please help me find were to get it.
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    randy chiasson

    ArcheCane. Silly Developer?, hmmm. 1) 2 months of work. 9 hour days. 2) If you are too cheap to pay for a plugin to solve ALL Greifing Problems on your server, then you shouldn't be running a server. 3) He asks for a SMALL fee, plus a tip for installation, 25$ + Tip i believe , don't quote me on it. 4) InfiniteClaims and InfinitePlots? LOL, somebody didnt do their homework. Do you even know enough about MyPlot to judge the difference? The Mau5Ville Edition was not complete. The InfiniteClaim/Plot system is nowhere near as intricate and elaborate as MyPlot is.
    MyPlot is a true innovation in the Creative/FreeBuild community.

    BuildersPlot was a bad rip off of MyPlot. Not using worldguard to base his plugin = loopholes in security.

    Try quoting your Bukkit TOS, Minecraft TOS, go ahead, all Coding was originally made by The Moogle himself. He has complete rights to it.

    Support HaxtorMoogle and all other growing developers! The amount of help Moogle gave our FreeBuild Server is surpassing what ANY professionally paid developer would do.

    Regards, -RC
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    Randy go easy on him! He's only made a 'Trample grass' plugin :p
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    Where do i buy it from?
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    I've tried to contact him to buy it. I e-mailed him, PMed him, and tweeted him. I have yet to get a response after a month.
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    No, it is silly. It goes against the open source-ness regarding Minecraft server modding.
  8. It IS silly to have to pay though. If "The Moogle" wants to be payed for programming and is so good at it, he should be a professional for a company. This is all about open-source modding. I forget which, but I either Notch or Persson supported the pirating of even their own game! Where is the programmer's spirit in this "The Moogle"?
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    Simple Region Market does a great job, we use it on our server and players love it, and so do we not having to hand out starter apartments or city plots is a blessing.
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    Yeah he does seem a bit hard to contact.
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    I personally would love to support HaxtorMoogle, if he ever checked his twitter, email, website, etc.....
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    Anybody want to attempt to remake MyPlot? Realise how much donations you'd get?
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    I don't know why you would buy it, but the guy who made this ows a server. Its IP is and its a creative mode server with this plugin. His name is HaxtorMoogle.
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    I may begin developing my own version. Can somebody explain exactly what MyPlot does? Commands, how it generates, etc. Thanks.
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    Carefull, copying any source code will end in a law suite. You must make your own form of generation, not copy myplots.

    I find it pathetic that we have 12-16 year olds complaining about $25 for the most innovative plugin in minecraft. And open-ness? Thats bukkit, not minecraft lol. They worked endless hours programming, its silly that your complaining. Ive got advice for any who is. Learn the language, and code it yourself rather then copy and use others works. Pathetic.
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    Nobody here said anything about copying.
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    Lol, It looks like someone's made an account just to back the developer of MyPlot. (You on
    I never said InfinitePlots does the same thing as MyPlot, nor did I say he steal any code.
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    omg all you have to do is add him on skype "HaxtorMoogle" i did that just now and im talking to him right now about the plugin
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    Could probably find a way to fork other plugins to make it how you need, like this one: and then learn how to adapt it without having to use a sign (it is both command and sign based). Then, have a bit of code to get read a list of all the empty plots, and randomly select one.

    Btw, you found out about this plugin on mau5ville, didnt you? :p
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