How do I check what plugins are hurting my server?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by isleepzzz, Jan 13, 2015.

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    Hey guys!
    I am noticing a high RAM usage while only 1 player online.
    How do I check what plugins are truly hurting my server's performance?
    Thank you.
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    Do you mean reserved RAM or actual used RAM? Java usually reserves RAM to make object-creation lightning-fast since it doesn't have to allocate more RAM first.
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    @isleepzzz Assuming you mean actual RAM (correct me if I'm wrong Lolmewn, but I'm guessing that means the system's RAM that the server is allowed to use before crashing), I'd just do some research on the plugins. Things like Multiverse are heavyweight plugins if you have a good handful of worlds. Not entirely sure about Essentials, but it is a fairly big plugin. If you see a huge load of features on one of the plugin's BukkitDev pages (or wherever you got them, like from Curse), there's your suspect.

    Otherwise, you may want to allocate more RAM to your server if you can. Something like 1GB isn't going to support a server full of plugins very well. Last option, you should delete and add back all of your plugins, seeing by process of elimination either which feature-packed plugin is causing so much memory usage or which plugin is simply inefficient with its function speeds.
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    Check your view distance. If it is over 6 (large server) or 10 (smaller server), it will have a big impact.
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