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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Captain Dory, Apr 11, 2014.

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    Captain Dory

    Hi there bukkit,
    What i'm basically trying to do is:
    A player shoots a snowball, it cancels the event and fires an ender pearl in the direction they're facing
    When the enderpearl impacts it explodes
    Chat says "<shooter> killed <victim> with rocket!"

    I've gotten everything except finding out if a player died by it. I'm thinking i'll have to do something with hashmaps and uuids.

    I've done the exploding part, I need help with getting the players that died from the explosion caused by the players ender pearl

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    You have to make Integers for Example

    Player victim = (Player)e.getEntity();
    Player damager = (Player)e.getDamager(); 
    and Then you have to configure it and You do.

    p.sendMessage(ChatColor.WHITE + damager + " has killed" + victim + " with rocket!");
    If you need any help, Shoot my a PM and I will be glad to help!
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    Captain Dory

    What i'm actually looking for is this (I probably misinterpreted what I needed before):
    If you shoot a snowball, the enderpearl explodes and it explodes on impact(done)
    If a player dies by that explosion, I need to get who shot the snowball that made the explosion, and all the players that died from the explosion.
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    1. victim.isDead();
    2. this.getServer().broadcastMessage(ChatColor.GOLD + damager + " has killed" + victim + " by rocket!");

    You put that, and It should Broadcast to the server ;)
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    What integers are you even talking about?
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    This is what I'd do!
    2. @EventHandler
    3. public void Death(PlayerDeathEvent e){
    4. Player p = e.getEntity();
    5. Player k = p.getKiller();
    6. e.setDeathMessage("");
    7. bukkit.broadcastMessage("" + p.getKiller() + " killed " e.getEntity() " with a rocket!");
    8. }
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    Captain Dory

    My god guys- I know how to make death messages. Read this post:
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    He wants a custom death message for just when they die by the explosion caused by the enderpearl or whatever.
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    Captain Dory Listen to the EntityDamageByEntity event, check if the damager is a ender pearl, if it is, get the shooter.
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    Captain Dory

    The damager is an explosion caused by the enderpearl- I need to know who fired the enderpearl.
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    Captain Dory Change the explosion to be a fake explosion (No Damage), get entities within the radius check and damage them appropriately with the player as the damager.
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    Captain Dory

    That's a pretty smart idea actually. Thanks! I'll test this when I can. Also, what would appropriate damage values be?
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