How can my friends build at spawn

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by johnboy106, Jun 14, 2012.

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    I just started a Minecraft server today with Daddy Cheese and am using Multicraft as the control panel and Filezilla to install plugins (I only have the Essentials Plug in now) and have 3 people playing on my server. Me and my two friends. I started a new world and made me the Admin (Is that the top guy?) and my friends were just Users and couldn’t break anything at spawn. I wanted to build at spawn and made them Admin but they could still not break at spawn (I restarted the server after doing that) but I can!? Do I need to install another plug in or can I disable some block protection or what? I'm a noob at minecraft servers and would like some basic help with this so I don't get confused out of my mind.
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    By default your server will have a spawn protection radius, you can override this by changing the setting in your "Bukkit.yml" file.

    Anyone who is a server operator can build in the protected region.
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    Oh ok thanks. So is the Admin higher then Operator or is it visa versa?
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    Open your bukkit.yml and change your spawn-radius to 0.

    And operator is higher than anything.

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    What do you mean by Admin? That has nothing to do with Bukkit itself, that is most likely a plugin.
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    Well it seamed I could destroy but they couldn’t since I was admin (isn't the case turns out) and so I just wanted to know. I'm just trying to learn some simple things about servers and figured I would combine 2 questions.
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    Is there a permission I can give?
    like true

    Would be very nice and handy... (so not just give them OP rights?!)
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