How are these for server specs? :D

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by StefanG, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Hey guys.

    I am going to upgrade my server, and I want to know what you think of these specs...

    I know the i7, and the RAM are more than good.

    I want to be able to run 300-400 players without lag.

    Is the connection fast enough? (100mb)

    And how about the harddrive? Is it bad that I do not have a SSD?

    Any other comments are appreciated as well.

    Many thanks!


    Frequency 4x 2(HT)x 2.66+ GHz
    Architecture64 bits
    Memory24 GB
    Hard disk 2 TB

    VT Virtualisation
    Cloud Ready

    Network connection
    Traffic /month15TB
    Guaranteed bandwidth: 100 Mbps

    IP addresses
    Fixed IP1
    IPv6: /64
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    *cough* kimsufi *cough*

    They have nice servers, but you're looking at 100 slots MAX with that setup due to HDD speed, and that's with a RAMdisk. Maybe 150 max, but you're pushing it, because writing to the hard drive is going to cause lag spikes.

    300-400? You need a overclocked i7-2600K (I'm thinking around 4-5GHz/thread if you want that many players), 32GB RAM, at least one extremely fast SSD, 100mbps connection (1gbps preferred because you'll attract the wrong kind of network activity with that large of a server), and quite a bit of money to sink into it. Maybe $1500-$2000 upfront for hardware, and around $100/month to colocate it (well, maybe less, I don't know how much power you'll need to pay for with the OC'd i7, but gigabit lines aren't cheap).

    A rule of thumb for slots is 10 slots = 1GB RAM. A rule of thumb for disk IO is that if you're going to go past 50 slots, you want to start thinking about a faster IO device (SSD or 10k/15k SAS drives). Past 75, it's basically required if you want to write enough info at a fast enough speed, but you might be able to get 100+ with a RAMdisk and frequent disk writes. Then, you run into the CPU wall, which can be overcome by overclocking, but not fully. The largest Minecraft server in existence (as far as I am aware it's the largest active normal server in existance) runs on a OC'd i7, and the owner claims to have done ridiculous amounts of optimization to manage multiple 300 slot servers, he has 3 of them on one machine, and all of them are mostly full.
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    Whats funny is all these CPU issues would be quite a bit less annoying if minecraft was just coded to use at least 4 cores. Its not easy to multithread I don't think notch has the java coding skill tbh. I like MC but man its coded worse than if a chimp coded it while having a seizure.

    Such sloppiness, and this is why the game loses 40fps in 1.1 and breaks fixed bugs and creates new ones out of nothing as I know critical code falls apart when you start fiddling with their dependency's due to the way Notch Notched it its like scrambled eggs under the hood of this game with what seems to be little to no safe guards like modular code that can function on its own with out calling tons of lines of other useless code that all seem to have an effect on it when it probably shouldn't have anything to do with the intentions of the code being called.

    Don't get me started on the typo's, I may not be a coder myself but I have looked at the source code enough to realize it's not coded in an optimized function safe way

    (eg, some of it seems merged with code that has nothing to do with the actual function that it has meaning if you break any of the related code to that useless function you break the main important one as well, its as if someone ate lots of candy and barfed it back up, what was once a nice treat all orderly and neat is now a mix of all things into all things.)
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