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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by MC_Ultimate, Oct 17, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Chat related and informative

    Suggested name: HoverPlayerInfo

    What I want: I'd like a plugin that displays information about the player you are hovering, such as when you hover the player list on a server in your "Multiplayer" tab in the minecraft client, just in-game with customizable information.I'd like if the plugin has variables so you can display what rank the player is in, how much money they have, their current xp level.. etc.

    This has acctually been done, but its a custom plugin for a server so its not public.
    Skjermbilde 2014-10-17 kl. 21.13.44.png Skjermbilde 2014-10-17 kl. 21.13.57.png
    Also, in the images there is a Coin symbol, anyone know how to get it? Want to use it for my ranks

    Ideas for commands:
    /hpv - Displays plugin version and author
    /hpv reload - Reloads the plugin and configuration

    Ideas for permissions:
    hpv.reload - If players have this permission they can do /hpv reload , given to Admins...

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible, just not in a year..
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    I am pretty sure there are some Plugins available which can do this, just googgle a bit. If not, just be patient.

    However, the Coin Character Codes are the following:


    (Your Browser might not support these, paste it into the Minecraft Chat and they will appear as Coins.)
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    Thanks a lot! Really needed those coin symbols. However, I have not found any plugins like that, and thats the only server I have seen it on.. Would be an awesome feature :)
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    @Mc Ultimate what server did u get screenshot from?? just ask the server for the plugin.

    MC_Ultimate what server did u get screenshot from? just ask them for da plugin i mean it is OBVIOUSLY already made.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    8972legand Obviously not every plugin is available to the public.
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    timtower I know that :p but it might be a public plugin it might not be
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Haven't seen it yet
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    Then it isn't public :p

    MC_Ultimate You might want to tell us which plugins you use for your ranks/money or to be more specific: Is it compatible with vault, b/c we are also lazy :)
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    You mean a plugin to add hover info when hovering over chat names?

    I made one...
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    i was just about to tag u
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    There is a public download but it is on spigot and it is a Paid Resource. So I can not give it to you or I will get flagged.
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    Killuall99 ah i know what your talking about, I saw it. I've been curious on how people do these plugins :p
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    I could do this, but it would have to be the default chat plugin.
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    You can make additive changes to chat messages, so in other words, not ruin chatplugins but just add the new hover to the chat.
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    Thank you! Link to download/purchase? Does this also apply to the coin symbol as shown in the screenshots?
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    Exactly what I did. My plugin supports most/if not all chat plugins (spam/channels/etc)
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    Thanks for commenting guys, and thanks to Extended_Clip for the plugin. I've checked it out and purchased it :)
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