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    I would like a plugin that allows me to make a hotel, then I type a command to select the doors of each hotel room, and in the command put the room number, then when someone wants to rent the room, I do a command while holding paper or something, it automatically programs the paper to the door (that was selected earlier) that same command renames the paper to: [Room Key] <Room Number> with color code: b also to open the door I right click the door holding the key. when your key expire the name will change to: Inactive Key! also, if you can, I would like economy support, for essentials economy mostly, but support for others would be great if I decide to change the economy on my server
    Commands: /hotel room create <room number> - After this is done I right click a door, and that's the door the room is set to
    /hotel room remove <room number> - this deletes a room
    /hotel key <room number> <legth of time until expires> - this programs the paper to the room and sets when the room key stops working on the room, measured like: 1d = 1 day (in real life) 1h = 1 hour 1m = 1 minute 1y = 1 year
    /hotel key ForceExpire <room number>

    (the permissions are listed in the same order as the commands e.g. /hotel room create is first on the list, is first on list, so that permission is needed for the command)

    Suggested Name: Hotelzz

    When i'd like it by: Whenever

    Category: I don't know, probably Fun or admin tools.
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    Do you have a Skype? This seems like an interesting idea!
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    There are a ton of plugins where you can sell plots of land or regions of worldedit, but he wants more like a hotel. Also, he'll probably want some other custom features. I already started working on this Hotelzz plugin. It'll be awesome!
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    Alrighty! Good luck on the plugin man!
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    Try SimpleRegionMarket - it supports hotel.
  10. Epic can i have this plugin too its sounds AWESOME!
    Once it is done though obviously.
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    sure, but the person who's making it hasn't finished it yet though, but when I get it i'll give it to you
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    We create a hotels using Lockpick&Rents plugin

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    ya, its close to wut I want, I might just use it as a temporary hotel plugin, because I sort of want the Hotelzz plugin
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