Host Two Servers From One PC?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by DaClowns, Aug 20, 2012.

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    I host a server from my PC at home, and there are a good amount of active players. I want to run two servers at once though, one separate from my Survival Server. I have a few questions.

    1. Can I host 2 servers at once, from the same PC?
    2. Is there a way for players to easily transfer from one server to another, or have the combined? So the chat goes across both servers? If someone says Hi in server 1, can I make it show up in Server 2?
    3. Will this really take a lot of my computers power/ram?
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    1) Yes.
    2) Err... Yes I guess there is a way not sure if there is a public plugin yet. For the chat I think there is a plugin that does that but not 100% sure.
    3) "A lot" is not very descriptive as it can change from person to person, It depends on how many players, plugins, ect.
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    I have 3.4 GHz Quad Core Intel processor, 8 GB RAM, what is each world has 15 ppl on at once, so 30 total between the 2. Will my computer be able to handle it, and I can also play minecraft myself?

    If I can't host 30 people, would it be because of RAM, or processor? Would more RAM allow me to get more? Like if I get 32 GB of RAM, can I have like 60 ppl on total? Or would my processor not be able to handle it?
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    1. Yes...just use different ports. One could be 25565 and the other could be 25566.
    2. I'm not about chat across servers, but teleporting use Multiverse or I think this
    3. It will take more resources.

    Aww someone beat me.

    Bukkitlink uses Spout sorry.
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    Err... Let's say your going with the average plugins you might use between 2.5-4GB of ram for both servers with 15 people? So about half your resources... With 32GB of ram you would hold well over 200 people...
    Although a big variable when running a server would be your internet.
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    First off running two servers on one computer is... not a bad choice however if you plan on playing on the computer and running two servers off it, you will have some major issues.
    Second, your gonna need atleast a 4-6mbps of upload dedicated to that machine running the servers. If your overall internet speed is like 15mbps down and like 10mbps up, you may have an issue because it has been said that each player is about 100kbs - 200kbps. Also keep in mind if you have any other devices connected to your router, the speed will not be the entire speed your advertised. Like 10 devices on that network, they all need internet and theres only so much so it gets split up, theres usually a bandwidth cap.
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    Thanks guys :D
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