Horse lags

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Xibalba7, Jan 12, 2014.

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    I know that this question has been asked many times but I could not find any solution to this problem :/

    I am running a CB 1.7.2 R0.2 server and when anyone (including good PC owners) ride a horse, the ride is extremely choppy while FPS remains constant.

    I guess it may come from one plugin but after disabling the most suspicious ones, I could not find the troublemaker.

    Do you have any idea of what could cause this ?

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    May i ask how much ram this server is running with ?
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    I also forget to mention that horses do not lag on my locale test server with 1Go ram
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    The server is dedicated for both the website and the craftbukkit server and run them without problem

    I did not tried latest dev builds for now. I will but I doubt it will change anything :/
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    Changing the build to later version, helps fix bugs/glitches. It's worth a try, If not, im not sure what the problem may be.
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    This sounds more related to connection issue, though. Do you see any other sort of choppy movement in other mobs, or things like respawning blocks or 'rubberband' teleporting while walking?
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    The only choppy movements I could find are connected to riding : horses & boats. Minecarts too but already less than the two first
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    I found out that Sentry (Citizens plugin) increase the amount of several percents. I am not sure that the lag comes only from this plugin but removing it leads smoother rides..
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    I've had this issue also, it has to do with the player's connection To th server, Any Ping packet-loss on their internet connection or minute fluctuation in their bandwidth for people who have around 5-10 meg connection severely have this issue, whereas people on faster connections don't have this issue As badly, but do still have this issue, it's not dependent on what version your server is it has to do with server & player ping, Unless they recode how horses are scripted while a player is riding them, as well as mine-carts, etc, this is going to be an ongoing issue, because really the connection has to read twice, once for player and once for the entity vehicle, Hence the appearance of severe server lag.
    And I'm sure plugins like NoCheatPlus and other anti-movement cheat plugins don't help, but don't have that much of an effect, like mentioned above, with a server run from the same computer as the person riding the horse would have virtually no vehicle entity lag.
    SPOILER: In other words, it's the amount of data sent back and forth being increased on vehicles when the server is hosted.
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