Horizontal moving elevators.

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    i know this sounds rather ridiculous, and probably very hard to write something like this, but what about horizontal elevators??

    i know we have verticle ones, but i have made some hubs that teleport you to other worlds and sometimes the hubs can be so large than it takes a long time to walk or even ride to the other side, thats when i thought of horizontal elevators.

    basically, i figured two ways it may work (in theory).

    the first way i figured you would have your main elevator platform, and lets say, in a direct line of sight and in one line (one row of blocks) is 3 or 4 elevator stops down the road, have a sign attached to the main elevator (and signs attached to destinations as well) to select the location, once selected, you hit the button, you are dropped about 4 blocks down under the floor while in the elevator, and then zipped off to that location on the horizontal plane/axis.

    if a drawing is required to make sense, just ask.

    otherwise, the other method i could come up with is almost the same, except you dont drop below the ground/floor, 1 block for the main elevator station, with sign to select location and button to commence, other stations further up in the same block line, select location, hit the button, practically glide along the floor til you reach destination, only problem i can foresee is if another player gets in the road it may cause an issue.
  2. You can use VariableTriggers.

    Just use the ClickTriggers, and the @TP script command.

    Also, I believe that you mean vertical, not horizontal. Vertical is UP and DOWN. Horizontal is LEFT and RIGHT. So for a vertical elevator, you can use the @PAUSE, @TP and @SETBLOCK script commands.

    For example. Floor 2 is positioned vertically below (down) floor 3, and above (up) floor 1.
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    Da_Pepsi_Monster He clearly means horizontal. I think he's saying something like a conveyor belt, but I'm not sure. But technically, an elevator is vertical.
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    Hmm. Wouldnt this be a mod not a plugin? Since this is a modification to the blocks if you wanted to add new blocks??
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    not quite, i figured since all elevator plugins work up and down, i somewhat wondered why, and if they could work left and right, forward and backwards going horizontal in minecraft.

    yes, something like a conveyor belt, but at the same time noti want it to be able to function like an elevator, but being able to traverse across a horizontal plane, as well and being able to go vertical if need be.

    i understand thats how elevators work, but im curious as to whether elevators as a plugin could somehow be modified to transverse a horizontal plane, it would make for an interesting ride without minecarts, pistons, and while teleports are very handy and useful, i probably wouldnt mind a horizontal elevator/something like a conveyor belt to make the journey there interesting, if that makes sense.
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    I guess it could work but still. You would have to modify an api of lift or some other plugin like that.
  7. kin37ik
    You can tp people blocks forward... one at a time, to simulate a conveyor belt motion.
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    What about Checking the cordinates of the Block, then making it shift over in the x or the z? Just a thought? and then you tp the person on top of it, making it seem as though you are moving, but,then again, it would be hard to stop it, unless the player changes item in hand to something else. like making the script check if player is holding a feather, if yes stop it? These are just ideas, not sure if possible :/ The idea seems more like a mod if you ask me though
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    Well Checking the cordinate of the block

    then shifting the block, over to a direction

    and then teleporting a player ontop of it. and if you want to reset it, hit the moving block with a feather.

    There was a plugin that was a flying carpet made of glass. very nicely done also.
    Your idea seems like a mod though

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