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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Schneideirsm, Sep 8, 2014.

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    So this is a long shot, but I'm wanting a home/warping plugin but there's a catch. I already use essentials for warping between homes in one world. I've made a separate world that I don't want homes to link across.

    Anyway, what I'm looking for is a plugin that uses the same function as /sethome and /home, but with different commands. Since I can't use /sethome and /home [due to overlapping command aliases], I want a plugin that uses the commands /hset, /hwarp, and /hdel. The commands will do the same thing as essentials' /sethome, /home, and /delhome respectively.

    I don't know if this isn't included, but I'd also want permissions for each command so I can only give the players the ability to use it in a certain world through per-world permissions. I'll leave the desired command, essentials equivalent, and permission node down below.
    Thanks so much guys!

    {/hset = /sethome = "- homewarp.hset"}
    {/hwarp = /home = "- homewarp.hwarp"}
    [/hdel = /delhome = "- homewarp.hdel"}

  2. Schneideirsm do you really want a per-world-permission or would it be okay to enter all world names the plugin is allowed to be used into a config?
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    So in all worlds people should be allowed to use /sethome and /home except for one world?
    Depending on the right management system you are using you can remove this command usage for those special world.

    I am sorry but most of the PI I am aware of names the commands the same..

    If you want to change the commands names use aliases.

    If you have PLENTY of time you may have a closer look at the PI "commandhelper" (use the DEV versions..) but this seems to have to be used with "commandbook" instead of "essentials".
    As commandbook allows the de/activiation of functions in the config file it *could* be used with essentials if you take care of not activating the same functions in both of them.
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    Shmobi I wouldn't mind if there wasnt per-world permissions integrated. If it's written into the config then that's cool. Does this mean there wouldn't be permissions for each command?

    DHLF Part of it is me not wanting players to have access to the Essentials home commands in the specified world, and part is that I use PermissionsEx, so unmirroring worlds isn't supported. That and I don't want them to be able to go to homes they have set in other worlds from the special world. The easiest thing in my mind is to use Essentials for the main worlds, and then using a seperate plugin with the commands above to manage homes in the special world.

    Shmobi DHLF I forgot t mention this before. This plugin is meant to be used on a 1.7.2 server, but later to be used on a 1.8 server too
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    Schneideirsm please refrain from triple or double posting in the future, there is an edit button at the bottom of each of your posts.

  6. Schneideirsm i would just remove the permission which triggers if you are allowed to use this command in this world or not. i would write it in the config file, like worlds: world1, world2, world3, ...
    you enter the worldnames the plugin should work on and so you can only use the command if you are in the right world. you don't have to set permissions for every player. permissions for the commands i would include, of course
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    Shmobi If you would write this plugin for me, I'd love you forever xD I've got people begging for me to open the world and I can't until i solve the problem xD Just please make sure the commands match the ones I have up above xP thanks so much!
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    Sorry for not noticing your reply, seems those tahg thing did not work as it should or maybe I overlooked it.
    As far as I remember using PEX you should be able to deny access to "/home" and "/sethome" per world.
    The following link is out of date as modifyworld and those chat are no longer shipping with pex:
    Prefixes and suffixes are obsolete until you decide to use those ??chat(whatever it was called)
    Main entry to Pex new wiki:

    I had to work tomorrow so my bed is calling..
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    Shmobi Are you going to write the plugin, or should I look somewhere else? I don't mean to come off as rude so sorry if I do xD I don't know how else to word it
  10. Schneideirsm i could but i'm not sure if i want :D i already made such a plugin, but with the commands /home /setHome /delHome /setWarp /delWarp /warp /warpList /warpSpawn /warpToLocation if i remember right. if nobody will do it in near future, i'll.
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    Shmobi Alright haha, then I'll shoot you a message or something in the near future and reconnect with you :)
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    Shmobi Hey, feeling up to making a plugin? :)
  13. Schneideirsm sorry i was ill for some days, i can start doing it now, but we should talk about the details first
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