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    Plugin category: fun

    Suggested name: Holographic Signature

    What I want: First of all i know that this might be hard but if someone gets to make it i'm pretty sure it could get tons of downloads. I will like a plugin that allows you to do /signature (what ever you want should support color codes magic formats etc) And it will make a holographic text as our signature of what you put doing /signature. This should stay forever until he does the command again to change it and should not be removed if the player logs off, also it should follow the player where he goes (if possible, if not i don't mind it teleports after a delay) Also i will like it to have a prefix and a message that can be configurable in the config that says [HoloSignature] Your signature has been set! Enjoy!

    Ideas for commands: /signature, /holographicsignature (plugin info: author etc) /signature reload (reloads config if the prefix or message is edited)

    Ideas for permissions: permissions should be default except of holographic.signature.reload for /signature reload but rather than that one people should be able to do /signature and /holographicsignature without any perms

    When I'd like it by: I don't care, as far as you make it i will love you for ever :D.
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