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Discussion in 'Resources' started by Ultimate_n00b, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Next update has clickable holograms (working flawlessly).
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    xigsag Try storing the hologram(in a hashmap or something), then when the chest is clicked grab it and .destroy() it.
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    Ah, I'll give that a try. Before my post, I had tried storing them in List<Hologram>s, then immediately toString()ing the list to the player, but i get back an empty list.
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    Ultimate_n00b , Do you know the precision to which we can keep the holograms on the users screen? The reason im asking is for example say we wanted to use Holograms like the scoreboard. Is it possible to have it stick to the users screen in an exact spot. I understand its an entity but I was curious about manipulating it so it pivots around the player so its always in LOS then you could use it for storing information such as coins or stats.
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    Filo <3 I'm Edo2 on Mc Italia ;)
    That Holograms Is Very Simple!
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    Ultimate_n00b Update coming at all? It's been a while... (Sorry bout necro)
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    I do not plan on updating this resource for public use, especially on the bukkit forums.
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    If you go to the website where you get your server there are a lot of hologram plugins that work on 1.8 by using armor stands.
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    Because he said so. He is not obligated in any way to update something that was free to begin with, and there is also not much reason putting anything here anymore because there is no 'support' for the new server builds on third party sites.
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    RingOfStorms Nevermind anyway, got it working myself :p Made my own lib
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    I'd hope you got it working, considering it's 8 lines.
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    I'm still looking for a way to improve this, as the horse entity used appears for half a second, and sometimes after reloads, the horse is visible in the sky and the nameplate with it. I know for a fact that it is possible to have a hologram without the entity visible, and seamless changing, as I saw on the Hypixel Network, in Cops and Crims, they have C4 bomb, which, once planted by the crims, has a hologram counter as well as a scoreboard counter, showing the time remaining until detonation. The text on the hologram is completely seamless, no overlap of holograms when changing, and you can't see one disappear before the other appears - How!?
  14. " }.runTaskLater(MMGames.getPlugin(), ticks); "

    My plugin name is MauxEngine, and the main class is "Base" ... What do I put here instead of MMGames?
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    Any instance of your main class that extends JavaPlugin.
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    Or you use commandblocks to spawn an invisible armorstand with a custom name...
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