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    Hello, i've been searching for quite a while now for a plugin which allows me to give players perks (as in pernament poticon effects, abilites like using a item to give poticon effects to players/self or even permissions for specified commands if possible) when they wear certain armors. This is comparable to having a setbonus, a mechanic often used in MMORPGs.

    My searches brought me to various KitPvP plugins which give the player the armor/items upon issuing a command but that isnt etactly what i want, i want the players to craft the armor themselfes or find it via mob drops.

    Its important that the plugin recognizes formatting to allow more classes with the same armor but with different names for the armor.

    Suggested plugin name: ArmorClasses (or ArmorSetbonuses)

    Suggested categories: Fun, DevTools

    Suggested Commands:

    /armorclasses class create [Name]
    Looks up your currently worn armor and saves it under the specified name in the config.

    /armorclasses class delete [Name]
    Deletes specified class with all associated perks from the config.

    /armorclasses setwarmup [Time in seconds] <classname>
    Sets the specified time as warmup for the specified class, if no class is specified it'll use the currently active one. Zero means no warmup.

    /armorclasses perk add [PerkName] [poticon:[poticonID] [duration]/permission:[permission.node]/skill:[ItemID] target:[self/other/area] effect:[poticonID] [duration] <range:[range, min 1 max 50]> <cooldown:[time]>] <classname>
    Adds specified perk to the specified class, if no class has been specified it'll use the currently active class.

    /armorclasses perk remove [PerkName] <classname>
    Removes specified perk from the specfied class, if no class has been specified it'll use the currently active class.

    /armorclasses reload
    Reloads the config for the changes to apply without having to restart the server.

    /ac can be used as subsistute for /armorclasses

    Suggested permission nodes:

    Gives acces to the commands, no commands are available without this permission.​

    Allows whoever got this permission to recive perks from the respective class. Use armorClasses.use.* for acces to all classes.​

    Suggested config.yml

    Your class %class% is now active.
    #Text to notify the player that they activated a class
    Your class %class% has been disabled.
    #Text to notify the player that their class got disabled.
    %class% active in %time%.
    #Text to notify the player how long the warm up takes till the class activates.
    %perk% is on cooldown for: %time%
    #Tells the player how long they have to wait before they can use their ability again.
    #Specifies how long it'll take for the warmup message to pop up again, in seconds.
    #Class template
    #Class: [Name]
    #Head: [ItemID] <"Item Name">
    #Chest: [ItemID] <"Item Name">
    #Legs: [ItemID] <"Item Name">
    #Boots: [ItemID] <"Item Name">
    #Warmup: [Time]
    #  [PerkName] [poticon: [poticonID] [amplifier] [duration]/permission: [permission.node]/skill: [ItemID] target:[self/other/area] effect:[poticonID] [amplifier] [duration] <range:[range, min 1 max 50]> <cooldown:[time]>]
    Thanks for reading my request!
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    Nobody out there who thinks this would be usefull?

    Maybe if i give a example...

    Ok thats our config:
    Your class %class% is now active.
    #Text to notify the player that they activated a class
    Your class %class% has been disabled.
    #Text to notify the player that their class got disabled.
    %class% active in %time%.
    #Text to notify the player how long the warm up takes till it activates.
    %perk% is on cooldown for: %time%
    #Tells the player how long they have to wait before they can use their ability again.
    #Class template
    #Class: [ClassName]
    #Head: [ItemID] <"Item name">
    #Chest: [ItemID] <"Item name">
    #Legs: [ItemID] <"Item name">
    #Boots: [ItemID] <"Item name">
    #  [PerkName] <poticon:[poticonID] [amplifier] [duration]/permission:[permission.node]/skill:[ItemID] target:[self/other/area] effect:[poticonID] [amplifier] [duration] <range:[range, min 1 max 50]> <cooldown:[time]>>
    Class: Scout
    Head: 298 "§6Scouts Cap§r"
    Chest: 299 "§6Scouts Cape§r"
    Legs: 300 "§6Scouts Pants§r"
    Boots: 301 "§6Scouts Boots§r"
      SwiftFeets poticon:1 2 20
      Dash skill: 288 target: self effect: 1 4 10 cooldown: 30
    Class: Warrior
    Head: 306 "§2Warrior Helmet§r"
    Chest: 303 "§2Warrior Chainmail§r"
    Legs: 304 "§2Warrior Chainpants§r"
    Boots: 309 "§2Warrior's spiked boots§r"
      RushOrder skill: 288 target: self effect: 1 2 20 cooldown: 60
      DefendOrder skill: 265 target: self effect: 11 1 10 cooldown: 60
    Class: Warlock
    Head: 314 "§bWarlock's cap o Wizardin§r"r
    Chest: 315 "§bWarlock wadrobe§r"
    Legs: 316 "§bWarlock's loinclot§r"
    Boots: 317 "§bWarlock shoes§r"
      MindisKey poticon: 18 5 20
      Fireball skill: 378 target: other effect: 7 1 1 cooldown: 5
      Explosion skill: 331 target: area effect: 7  1 1 cooldown: 30 range: 5
      Stun skill: 370 target: other effect: 3 5 5 effect: 18 5 5 effect: 15 2 3
    This gives us 3 classes... a fast scout, a flexible warrior and a mighty warlock.
    Lets take a look at the classes we created:

    We took the apporatively named armor on and... we get speed 2 for 20 seconds (this poticon effect refreshes every 5 seconds as long we have the full set on, similar to a beacon in vanilla MC.)
    We also can use the feather to give ourself speed 4 for 10 seconds, after which the feather is unuseable for 30 seconds.

    Nothing much to see what we didnt already see in scout pluginwise but warrior has 2 different armors equipped, again with the specified names.
    It also got 2 abilities, 2 self buffs.

    Warlock got like scout a permanent poticon effect, a debuff this time.
    So whats interresting about warlock? Warlock shows us how area and target abilities work, it got 3 abilities:
    Fireball (magmacream): Rightclick the enemy to deal 3 hearts true damage. This is done by applying the instant damage poticon effect on him.
    Explosion (redstone): Much like fire ball this ability deals 3 hearts true damage but this time to anything within 5 blocks radius around you. (this will damage you too). Simply rightclick with the item in your hand.
    Stun (Ghast tear): Applied the same way like Fireball this one debuffs the target with multiple poticon effects.

    That said, bump :3
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    Ill let the image speak for itself...

    Im also fixing and restructuring the OP.
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    I could give this a shot for you. Would you need them to wear the whole set of armour, or just one piece?

    EDIT: So basically, would you do a command and it takes al lthe armor on the player if they have a permission to create a armor bonus. Then, you can use the name of the armor set that you saved it under to add potion effects with another command?
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    plobnob A full set armor, the armor being specified in the config. (can be any armor, but all 4 slots must be used)

    EDIT (a bit late but eh...): On second thought, it would be more flexible if all IDs including air (empty) could be used.
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    So if all the armour has a specific name, would it be that you name the armour set before doing the command and then use a command to save the names of the armour?
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    Correct. The plugin only saves the ID of the armor and the Custom name if theres one.

    Thanks for giving it a go, i really appredicate it! <3
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    Yeah, I think I would be able to do this
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    That'd be greath!

    I just saw your edit, a but late, but yes you nailed it.
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    Allright so, can I change the way configs look a bit?:

    Anyway I think I will kind of give up on the project if plobnob wants to do it :?

    #Class template
    #Class: [ClassName]
    #Head: [ItemID]
    #Head Name: <"Item name">
    #Chest: [ItemID]
    #Chest Name: <"Item name">
    #Boots: [ItemID]
    #Boots Name: <"Item name">
    #-Id: [potionID]
    # -Amplifier: [amplifier]

    # -Duration: [duration]
    #-Id: [itemID] (I guess that is the item which the skill will be cast with, right :?)
    #-Target: [self/other/area]
    # -Range: [1 - 50]
    # -Cooldown: [time]

    For some reason I keep double-posting :?

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    If you find a config which would be easier to work with/makes more sense or anything, go ahead and change it, my config is just a suggestion.

    Poticon perk is the pernament poticon effect and skill perk is a different perk which needs a item to be cast, therefore both need a own perkname (altough the perkname of the perm poticon wont be visible to the player, its still needed for the commands).

    Its your choice if you want to give up the project because plobnob wants to do it, if you give it up now, can i tahg you when plobnob decides to not do it for whatever reason, so i can ask you if you're still interrested?
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    Yeah, I don't really check bukkit forums pretty often but you can add me on skype if you want ( Id: wowhelp12 ) and just let me know if he gave up.
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    I have started work on the project and got reload, class creating and some other stuff done atm. I need to practice plugins anyways, so I won't give up for the moment :p
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    Oka, I hope you'll get the plugin done, if you need any help you can always contact me. :D
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    Ok, cant wait to see this idea in action. :)
    Already so much done? Whoa, fast.
    Id probably need months if not years to code this but then again, my coding knowledge is very weak. (all i've done was some scripting in lua using the computercraft mod almost 2 years ago...)
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    The plugin it'self is pretty simple, if plobnob is experienced he should be able to get it done in like 2-3 days :?
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    Hello, i wanted to ask how far you're done. On wednesday it sounnded like you're already almost done.
    I by no means need the plugin soon, so take your time but a update here and there would be nice. :)
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    Well plobnob wasnt online anymore... Im going to assume hes gone inactive.

    Bump, i need a dev for this. :)
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    wow this sounds like Blackveil's current project
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    GateArgonus Whats Blackveil's project? Can you link me or inform me what it is?

    edit: I did a quick research, do you mean ÜberMMO? I can see similarities, but both do something different.

    That said, i can imagine this and ÜberMMO working togeter verywell.
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    Granger yes I mean UberMMO he is taking all sorts of ideas too he told me he may later try making npc plugins too but way later. This guy just may turn our slow progress in RP/RPG servers around
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    GateArgonus Mmmh, yes this as feature request for his plugin would be a good idea, except my server isnt a RP server, its vannila like survival but with some gimmnicks like buffed mobs with custom items, including armor.

    These armors are collected but not used at all and my players grow bored after they collected them all, i want to promote using these armors by giving them a reason to use them.
    It wont be perfect for my server if its within such a big plugin but it'll be way better than nothing.

    Thanks for that info though!
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    I'm actually developing this idea in my RPG suite I'm creating. Once its done I could simply extract some pieces and rework it for a more common use such as this!
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    Deleted older Bump posts. They just clog the thread.
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    More Bumps.
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    This would spawn items in and not provide a setbonus.

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