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    I am zanderh1 a new Owner of a up in coming server and i wanted to get a new hide and seek plugin one that rehosts it self that has the hiders stay in a spot for 10 secs and then teleports them in the arena one that lets you choses what disguise block are going to be random for that arena and i would like if the seeker had armour and a sword and the hiders had nothing and that you never died with fall damage or something like that.

    I know what you guys are thinking this guys dosent know the way of posting a bukkit plugin which is probally true but i want the creator of the plugin to have fun making it and be creative

    (Who ever makes it will get a rank on the server and be able to user all of his full plugins and yeah)

    Name: Hideandseek

    when done by: 1-2 months

    Thanks for your time and consideration
    if you want to check out the server so far pm me thanks guys :)
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    I recommend you using existing plugins, and if you can't find one that you find good enough, learn Java and code it yourself. Most of the developers will not do more than simple plugins for others that they do not know.
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