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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by __TheT30__, Feb 24, 2013.

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    We have problem with HeroChat and chat formatting. I want that chat looks like this: [Channel][WorldWithMultiverseColours][prefix][Name][Suffix]:<msg>.
    Only problem is with HeroChat and Multiverse. Multiverse world colors are not in chat, when i put {world} tag in HeroChat. Is there anyway to get those colours to my world names or disable herochat chat formatting. Its boring, when all world have same colour. There's new version of HeroChat. Published about few days or weeks ago for 1.4.7 bukkit. This is working better that old one

    PS: Sorry my bad english
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    Go to Herochat's config.yml, modify format and add {world} there, where you want to add it.
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    This just doesnt work... I have latest Herochat 1.5.1. When i try to put prefix format is this [Prefix][world]. When i put {world} tag to Herochat format is this [world][prefix] but then Multiverse world colors doesnt work. I just want to move that prefix thing... Can somebody help?
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    ive been wanting to do the same exact thing with mchat. cant seem to do it.
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