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    when i try to double click on the note pad Run.bat it goes on to a black box thats says "the system cannot find the path specified", why is this and how do I fix it?
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    Please post your run.bat.
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    Make sure the CB's name and the name in the run.bat are matching, or rename one or the other.
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    k well do, however as this is my first attempt and i haven't had minecraft to long i was wondering what the Cb is, i realise that this makes me look a bit stupid however i would greatly appreacite it if you could stiull help me
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    CB is craftbukkit (aka the server's craftbukkit-1.1-R3.jar ) what it uses to run bukkit on your server.

    Make sure the craftbukkit-1-1-R3 (or whatever the name is) matches the name of the craftbukkit in your run.bat. If you want to prevent the editing in the future, change it to craftbukkit.jar both in the run.bat and the actual craftbukkit. Makes it easier
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    ok thanks

    thanks for helping me erlier
    i have got my server running thanks to you and, however i have run into anouther problem, the ip i use to logon doesn't work for the people trying to get onto my server, if i can't sort this do i just use hamachi?

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    hmmm well u have to give people ur EXTERNAL ip address which can be found here. I personally HATE hamachi but thats just me :D
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    i tried this and my friend said that it didn't work but thanks anyway
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