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    So I know bukkit is gone,but now everyone is using a new minecraft server thingy :example Bukkit
    If bucket is gone why can we get Plugins still? Is their another thing where we can make a server? -Sorry if this doesn't make sense...
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    Some hosts already have the craftbukkit and spigot. Some are still downloadable, It's just from a certain version. Plugins aren't affected as it's not what runs the server so the law isn't affecting it.
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    Sooo whats your point? lol
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    His point was answering your first question.
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    Which server host can i get?!
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    You can download it at
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    I don't fully understand your questions, but I will attempt to answer them all.

    I'm sure if you get a server host they will provide you with craftbukkit/spigot/etc. It's your opinion on which host provider to use.

    Well, just because CraftBukkit isn't being updated by the Bukkit Team, doesn't mean the plugins still work with other alternatives such as Spigot.

    Yes. There are alternatives to Bukkit, such as Spigot.

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