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  1. I need to know a good donator plugin for my server, also only people with my ip address can connect to my server.
    any help is appreciated thx
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    buycraft is a good donator plugin
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    DonationCraft is better then buycraft, but only if u have enjin.
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    That is probally of personal opinion.... And enjin sucks. (In my ipinion... If I ever made a enjin site it would probally only be to use the donation.)
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    Enjin is not a shit
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    Usagabro & ~Made:

    You both have shown immaturity. Please stop as you may have future consequences.


    I recommend |BuyCraft| in my opinion. It has just the features you would need without any hassles.

    You might not be able to connect to your server on other networks because you haven't port-fowarded. If you haven't port-fowarded yet, this website might help.
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    Donation Craft and BUyCraft is free, you would take alot of time to make a system like them in MySQL, and no one wants to loose 1 Month making a payment system like Buycraft or Donationcraft.
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    Enjin FTW ;) If You Wanna See My Website I made With Enjin Click There xD ------>
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    Awesome Banner on your website, could you make one for mine?
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    I recommend Enjin and DonationCraft. It's free, easy to setup, and has a ton of integrated features. Will make you lots of $$$, and your players will love it.
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    I recommend communitypiston if you aren't gonna pay for a premium account. It doesn't have cool themes in it's free sites like enjin but I think it allows the most free experience including things like most purchasable items, etc.
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    ummm actually i paid someone to make the banner + banner for like planet minecraft (animated)
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    Well dont need anymore i made mine, check:
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