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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Blaizerado, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Hey guys I have a problem, and although I try to grade a world to read from a config, but the problem is that I always have the value null get the use

    hear the code of eclipse

        public void loadStats() {   
            try {
            FileConfiguration cfg = getConfig();
            double x = cfg.getDouble("");
            double y = cfg.getDouble(""); 
            double z = cfg.getDouble(""); 
            String world = cfg.getString(""); 
            y += 1;
            Location loc = new Location(Bukkit.getServer().getWorld(world).getName(), x, y, z);
            }catch (Exception e) {

    hear the consol code#


    and hera the config code

          x: -7.0
          y: 5.0
          z: -2.0
          world: 38565885-a892-4210-aad5-1b9ae8c1e97a

    I hope someone can help me
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    @Blaizerado Well the problem is, in your config you have world as "38565885-a892-4210-aad5-1b9ae8c1e97a", is that your world name? if not change it to your world name. Also don't use .getname() after getting the world, if you set the world: as the name then by getting the world that will be returned as the name anyway. Just one last thing, you posted this in the wrong section :p its supposed to be in Bukkit development section. hope i helped!
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