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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Deamonicon, Nov 6, 2011.

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    Hi can someone tell me how region the whole world file so people cant build with world guard
    thanks this would be helpful
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    /region flag __global__ build deny

    And then if you want an area where people CAN build within that world:

    /region flag RegionName build allow
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    yeah but first i need to set the region and i was meaning how to select a region of the whole wolrd file and then i know how to set it to none build but thxs anyways
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    __global__ is a predefined region. Two underscores, the word 'global', and then two more underscores. Check the Quick Reference. Bottom-right of the first page.
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    but i need to create a region first and the region has to be the whole world file
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    Perhaps my explanation has not been sufficient. When you use __global__ instead of an existing region, that tells WorldGuard to flag the whole world. The __global__ region is built-in. You don't need to create it; it's already there for you to set full world (global) flags.

    Unless you NEED to manually select and create an actual region for reasons that you're not mentioning, the built-in region named __global__ will do what you stated you wanted to do: give you a whole-world region that you can use to deny building.
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    VlperX Said

    Lol just what i was thinking and i never knew about this region Thanks c0mp
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    So how do I flag the whole world (but only this one) "freebuild" ?
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    its seems they've changed this. __global__ is no longer a valid region
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    Its removal is not in the changelog. And that would be a pretty significant change...
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    i facepalmed :p apparently the usage does work, in the command listed above, it was the usage in a different command that was buggy. sry.
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    worked for me and im in 1.6.2 xD
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