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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by tara81, Jan 30, 2013.

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    Hi I am a server admin .

    On my server , there is one town that whenever players go to this town, the TPS drops from 20 to 15 or even less depending on the players on the server , sometimes down to 5.

    I have ruled out plug-ins to be the cause. I have tried x-ray, killing villagers, having no success finding the cause of this lag. There arent many underground pistons and it seems the only extended ones are tables from a redstone torch.

    If anyone can give me any clue on how to fix this becauses deleting the biggest town on my server , please let me know =(

    Ive turned off all plug-ins and still gotten the lag from this town.

    Please help =(

    Also if anyone knows of any tutorials on how to find and delete lag machines and what are considered as lag machines with redstone and other contraptions please let me know where to find them!

    also when everyone leaves the town, the tps goes to 20 :(

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    Try running "/wg report" while people are in the town. It might show you what is going on but I know from experience that redstone devices can also cause that type of lag. I used RedstoneClockDetector to detect that type of device but I see it hasn't been updated in a while. It might still be worth checking out.
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    There is an easy fix for this! Get a better computer (if it's home hosted) or get a better server. It seems your CPU dosent have the power to run the server. Or then there is a memory leak.
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    If you are using towny or another town plugin the problem could be that your town is to big. When no one is in you town it gets unloaded. But when you enter it the plugin starts using it again, and since its to big the server gets overloaded. But you said you tried to remove all plugins though....
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    Please post the following things for me to be able to help you.

    All Plugins ( use "plugins" in console )
    The current "StartScript" you are using to start the bukkit server.

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