Help with plugins in general (need help finding some)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Robby Stolle, Oct 27, 2011.

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    Robby Stolle

    So I guess I will lay everything out for you guys and gals because I have some questions. I used to run a mc server but I want to start fresh for 1.9 (or RC as they are calling it.)

    First thing is backing up. I plan to use MineBackup ( and would like to know if someone recommends something else? or any responses on that.

    Second would be keeping all my plugins up to date which I currently use CraftBukkitUpToDate ( ) I use it love it no issues there.

    Now for the fun part I need help finding a plugin(s) to use. I used to use multiverse and serverport but I would like to condense those two. I'm looking for a program to allow me to make portals to other maps I have on the server (like I have world and then a custom map), Custom define the portals (don't want to use nether portals), be able to activate and deactivate portals with buttons/switches, allow only certain people to use (so if I have the "It's better together" challenge map only two people that signed up for it and admin can enter portal),and finally (for this part anyway) make inventory stay or be lost upon entering the portal.

    Also I would like to see what people use for greifing help (explosions, people attacking others creations) and on a linux machine make mc start and stop when the system boots up and shuts down (not super important just a cool thought)

    thank you for everyones' help in advance.
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    Robby Stolle

    lol anyone or is there just no such thing?
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    Robby Stolle

    So now that I think about it. Better way to explain it is.. Is there a plugin that I can lock just particular portals or particular worlds from people?
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