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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DragonSlayer1920, Jun 20, 2014.

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  1. Hello,
    I soon plan to open a server up but there is one problem, People can take items out of item frames. I have tried FrameProtect and it does not seem to work, so I was wondering if anyone knew a way to prevent this.
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    FrameProtect should work, it does for me. I think there is also a flag in worldguard to disable breaking item frames.
    "/region flag (area) entityitemframedestroy deny" maybe?
  3. sackboy_lbp
    It protects the item frame, not the item in it. (Both of them)
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    DragonSlayer1920 I honestly don't use itemframes at all on my server. The only time I could use them is at the shop, but I just put the sell sign on the block so they know what it is.

    If frameprotect isn't working, tell me what's wrong with it.
  5. sackboy_lbp
    While whenever I try to protect a frame it just pulls up the version info. And anyone can take the items out of it, they just cant break the item frame.
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    DragonSlayer1920 Do you have the latest version that works with your version of craftbukkit? If it keeps telling you the version, it may be hinting you need a newer update.
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