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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by SrNicks_, May 31, 2015.

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    How do I do to set strings in a config and then grabs them and separates them ?

    Player reason temp
    SrNick you are banned 100

    The player will be used to check if it is banned
    The reason will serve as a kick message
    And time will serve to make the count and unban

    It is possible to do this?
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    This is going to be pretty crude and conceptual, I've had a long day and my ability to speak what I'm trying to say is diminished so I apologize in advance.

    Make a config file.
    Organize the messages like this in the file-

    player reason temp

    list = getconfig.getstringlist(config file name)
    for (string : list) //runs through number of columns you have in the config
    string[] x = string.split(" ") // this will add the items to an array list "player", "reason", "temp", splitting them up by the space in between them

    from there you can just retrieve them by using a for loop

    for (int k : string[].size)
    string p = string[k]
    string reason = string[k+1]
    string temp= string[k+2]

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    @SrNicks_ Personally, I would do [Name] [Time] [Reason], because it will be easier to get an array of strings at the end of it rather than the middle.

    I like to use a separator like a semi-colon or | then use String.split(";") or String.split("|"). It will only split the string up at those "separators", and make it a lot easier for me. You can also check out the configuration api reference page for a lot of config stuff.

    What you want done is very possible and not too difficult. Just test using the String.split() method in a separate project until you get what you want.
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