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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DuB_B_O_S, Jan 25, 2015.

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    i have a issue with banmanager. its dosent allow me to enable it... here is my config and error codes

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    25.01 10:56:51 [Server] INFO [10:56:51 INFO]: [BanManager] has been disabled
    25.01 10:56:51 [Server] INFO [10:56:51 ERROR]: [BanManager] Could not be resolved because of an SQL Exception: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 10 times. Giving up..
    25.01 10:56:51 [Server] INFO [10:56:51 ERROR]: [BanManager] jdbc:mysql://
    25.01 10:56:32 [Server] INFO [10:56:32 INFO]: [BanManager] Disabling BanManager v4.0
    25.01 10:56:32 [Server] INFO [10:56:32 ERROR]: [BanManager] Unable to connect to the database, it has been disabled
    25.01 10:56:32 [Server] INFO [10:56:32 ERROR]: [BanManager] Could not be resolved because of an SQL Exception: Could not create connection to database server. Attempted reconnect 10 times. Giving up..
    25.01 10:56:32 [Server] INFO [10:56:32 ERROR]: [BanManager] jdbc:mysql://
    25.01 10:56:12 [Server] INFO [10:56:12 INFO]: [BanManager] Enabling BanManager v4.0

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    # Default configuration file for James' BanManagement Plugin
    # Required. If the connection info is wrong, the plugin may hang on startup and will eventually disable itself
    port: 3306
    database: staticvo_ban
    username: staticvo_dub
    password: ****
    bansTable: bm_bans
    bansRecordTable: bm_ban_records
    ipBansTable: bm_ip_bans
    ipBansRecordTable: bm_ip_records
    kicksTable: bm_kicks
    mutesTable: bm_mutes
    mutesRecordTable: bm_mutes_records
    playerIpsTable: bm_player_ips
    warningsTable: bm_warnings
    banAppealsTable: bm_ban_appeals
    pinsTable: bm_pins
    staffTable: bm_staff
    enabled: false
    host: localhost
    port: 3306
    database: frostcast
    username: root
    password: ''
    bansTable: bm_ban_all
    unbansTable: bm_unban_all
    ipBansTable: bm_ipban_all
    ipUnbansTable: bm_ipunban_all
    mutesTable: bm_mute_all
    unmutesTable: bm_unmute_all
    lastChecked: 0
    useUTF8: false
    logIPs: true
    serverName: ''
    checkForUpdates: true
    logKicks: false
    kicks: 30
    banRecords: 0
    ipBanRecords: 0
    muteRecords: 0
    playerIPs: 30
    warnings: 0
    - msg
    enabled: false
    '10': ban [name] [reason]
    enabled: false
    cooldown: 10
    useSyncChat: false
    Moderator: 1h
    Moderator: 1d
    use-partial-names: true
    bukkit-ban: true
    ban: '[name] has been banned for [reason]'
    banKick: You have been banned for [reason]
    tempBan: '[name] has been banned for [expires] for [reason] by [by]'
    tempBanKick: You have been temporarily banned for [reason]
    ipBan: '&c[ip] has been banned for [reason]'
    ipTempBan: '[ip] has been temporarily banned for [reason] by [by]'
    ipBanKick: Your IP has been banned for [reason]
    kicked: '[name] has been kicked by [by] for [reason]'
    kickedNo: '[name] has been kicked by [by]'
    kickReason: You have been kicked for [reason]
    kickNoReason: You have been kicked
    disconnectBan: You have been banned from this server for [reason]
    disconnectTempBan: 'Your ban expires in [expires] Reason: [reason]'
    disconnectIpBan: Your IP has been banned from this server for [reason]
    disconnectTempIpBan: 'Your ban expires in [expires] Reason: [reason]'
    mute: '[name] has been muted for [reason] by [by]'
    muted: You have been permanently muted for [reason] by [by]
    tempMute: '[name] has been muted for [reason] by [by] which expires in [expires]'
    tempMuted: You have been temporarily muted for [reason] by [by] which expires in [expires]
    commandPermissionError: '&cYou do not have permission to use this command'
    banSelfError: '&cYou can''t ban yourself fool!'
    banExemptError: '&cYou do not have permission to ban this player'
    alreadyBannedError: '&c[name] is already banned'
    playerBanned: '[name] has been banned'
    multiplePlayersFoundError: '&cmultiple players found, please be more specific'
    importInProgressError: '&cAn import is already in progress'
    beginingPlayerImport: '&6Beginning banned player import'
    scanningDatabase: '&6'
    scanPlayersFound: '&6Players found: [found]'
    noPlayersImport: '&cNo players need importing, yay less work for me!'
    percentagePlayersImported: '&6[percent]% of players imported'
    playerImportComplete: '&6Player import complete!'
    beginingIpImport: '&6Beginning banned ip import'
    scanIpsFound: '&6Players found: [found]'
    noIpsImport: '&cNo IPs need importing, yay less work for me!'
    percentageIPsImported: '&6[percent]% of IPs imported'
    ipImportComplete: '&6IP import complete!'
    bmInfo: '&cName: &6[name]\n&cCurrent Ban: [currentBan]\n&cPrevious Bans: [previousBans]\n&cCurrent
    Mute: [currentMute]\n&cPrevious Mutes: [previousMutes]\n&cKicks: [kicksCount]\n&cWarnings:
    ipBanned: '[ip] has been banned'
    ipTempBanned: '[ip] has been banned temporarily'
    ipSelfError: '&cYou can''t ip ban yourself fool!'
    ipPlayerOfflineError: '&c[name] is offline, unable to retrieve IP'
    ipTempBanKick: You have been temporarily banned for [reason]
    kickSelfError: '&cYou can''t kick yourself fool!'
    kickExemptError: '&cYou do not have permission to kick this player'
    playerKicked: '[name] has been kicked'
    playerNotOnline: '&cPlayer not found, are they online?'
    muteSelfError: '&cYou can''t mute yourself fool!'
    muteExemptError: '&cYou do not have permission to mute this player'
    alreadyMutedError: '&c[name] is already muted'
    playerMuted: '[name] has been muted'
    mutedBlacklistedCommand: '&cYou may not use that command whilst muted!'
    illegalDateError: '&cIllegal Date Format'
    playerTempBanned: '[name] has been temporarily banned'
    playerTempMuted: '[name] has been temporarily muted'
    unbanError: '&cYou can''t unban someone who isn''t banned!'
    playerUnbanned: '[name] has been unbanned'
    ipUnbanned: '[ip] has been unbanned'
    ipNotBannedError: '&c[ip] is not currently banned. You can''t unban someone who
    isn''t banned!'
    invalidIp: '&cInvalid IP!'
    invalidPlayer: '&cInvalid Player!'
    playerUnmuted: '[name] has been unmuted'
    playerNotMutedError: '&cYou can''t unmute someone who isn''t muted!'
    updateAvailable: '&A[version] update available'
    banTimeLimitError: '&cYou cannot ban for that length of time'
    muteTimeLimitError: '&cYou cannot mute for that length of time'
    warnSelfError: '&cYou can''t warn yourself fool!'
    warnExemptError: '&cYou do not have permission to warn this player'
    playerWarned: '[name] has been warned'
    warnCooldown: '&cThis player was warned too recently, try again later'
    warned: '&cYou have been warned by [by] for the following:\n[reason]'
    duplicateIP: '&cWarning: [player] has the same IP as the following banned players:\n&6[players]'
    consoleName: Console
    configReloaded: '&a[BanManager] Config Reloaded.'
    invalidClearType: '&cInvalid clear type, available options are banrecords, muterecords,
    kicks and warnings.'
    playerRecordCleared: '[name] has had their [recordType] cleared'
    playerLastWarningDeleted: '[name] has had their last warning deleted'
    timeNow: now
    timeYear: year
    timeYears: years
    timeMonth: month
    timeMonths: months
    timeDay: day
    timeDays: days
    timeHour: hour
    timeHours: hours
    timeMinute: minute
    timeMinutes: minutes
    timeSecond: second
    timeSeconds: seconds
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    OTF Catastrophe

    From the console log, it appears to me that you might have put in the wrong MySQL information, I could be wring but thats just what I'm seeing from console. Try redoing the MySQL info.
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    @DuB_B_O_S @OTF Catastrophe is right its not getting the sql database so it disables it so you have to enter correct info or check if the sql database is online
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    Well the sql was correct, because i tested on my other server and its working perfecly fine on it BUT is not working on my 2nd server somehow. i remove all plugins except essentials and banmanager but still im getting the same errors...
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    OTF Catastrophe

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