HELP! When my bukkit cmd window it loads my server normally but i cant connect.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Luigi1176, Jun 14, 2012.

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    So. I have had this bukkit server for about... 4 months now, I have had some problems with it, but nothing to extreme. Than just this morning i turned my bukkit server on, It started up like every other day and it say's ''Done <6.649s>! For help type ''help'' or ''?'' "" but i cant connect.
    Could it be one of my plugins? i have the NPC plugins citizens, and there is 90 NPC's on our server, so maybe that would do something to it, i also have another theory, i have Steam installed on my computer i have 23 games on it, and there is one game (Star Wars Republic Commando) that would never work or open it would say ''Failed to find steam'' and just yesterday it started working! but now my server doesnt work. could this be the problem? PLEASE HELP!!!
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    frist ... restart you pc .. and check ...
    second how do you connect to the server ?
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    Thanks, but i fixxed it lol, it was my dynamic IP address.
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    From now on make sure you try connecting with "localhost" as the server name. If that works but the IP address doesn't, it's no mystery.
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