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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by RodrigoWalker, Jul 18, 2015.

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    Hello, I come to you for help because I'm having a problem with the plugin I'm developing for my server, I wanted a player using the following command / 151SD5F1SD no one else will be able to use this idea or send a message that has been used by that player, I was wondering if this is possible or another method that can talk to you ... sorry for bad English.
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    Or /claim (Id)
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    Sorry not Intendi.
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    Since there is a space between the / and the 151SD..., the command it self would be nothing (""), if you intended that that whole line would be a command without arguments, then there should not have been a space there.

    By this, do you mean that whatever the play types gets stored somewhere and if anyone says that exact same thing it will delete that players message? If so, then what does the second part of your sentence mean? I don't know how a method can "talk to you"
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    I was wondering if it is possible if a player enter the following command /example and another player try to use this command, will speak that such a player already used this command, then I wanted to know if it is possible to enter a command only once

    the command with / 151SD ... was a google translator error
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    Then here is some basic code for what you want.
    boolean commandSentOnce = false;
    String playername = null;
    void onCommand(CommandSender sender, Command cmd.....){
    sender.sendMessage(playername+" has already sent this command");
    commandSentOnce = true;
    playername = sender.getName();
    sender.sendCommand("You have sent the command");
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    Sorry about the delay to answer was having some problems here, the code worked for me I can not until you pass the code of the plugin you put the code that you gave me to right, can it?

    Sorry for the bad English, google translator is an even dung.
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