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    So i am looking for a simple kit plugin where you can have the items in your inventory and do a in game command and create your inventory a kit

    so i need 1 starting permission and as you make kits it plugin will automatically make perms and put those perms into a notepad file witch i can later put into other peoples perms.
    If you have any more questions just reply and make sure to ask it to me by using cpazek

    thank you this is very urgent and i need it really badly I'm almost in beta testing and this is the last thing i need.
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    cpazek Literally thousands of kit plugins. Do a quick google search..
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    this comes with essentials.......why doesn't anyone download essentials any-more!!??!?!? too many people dont have a clue about how to run a server and op everyone when they ask for it....
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    Essentials is ugly and 'heavy.'
    Makes your server look unprofessional when you have hundreds of commands and use 1 or 2.
    I think the Parchment plugin lets you code kits like this easily.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    I didn't use essentials because it is changing more than I like it to change.
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    LordFox how do you do it with essentials
  7. LordFox I would say that the servers that would OP anyone who asked are the ones most likely to have essentials.

    cpazek I don't really see how this request is "urgent" - have you considered yours much more important than the many of plugin requests that are posted here? If you have, what makes it so "urgent"?

    As for your request, though... I think that Essentials requires that the kits be edited via file rather than in-game, although it's possible that they don't anymore. Either way, there are plenty of other kit plugins - why not have a look? I just did, and found at least one that I believe would fulfil your request.
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    Hey, I was thinking of making a simple kits plugin. I might make one later on today. It will be called SimpleKits, and will allow up to 16 custom kits.

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