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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BioRage, Mar 19, 2011.

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    Hey everyone, I have a situation that I could use some help on.

    I have Towny and LWC installed currently, but I was wanting the towns to have a region defined area, kind of like how World Guard has it where if it's a defined region, users can't use chests, etc. Unless /region addmember / owner.

    Basically remove LWC for /cprivate, and have Towny have the region area inside town for plot owners to access their chest without doing /cprivate. (To make users have their chests in town's)

    /town set perm outsider itemuse doesn't work for some reason..

    Any Suggestions are appreciated, if something seems unclear, please ask! :)

    I turn the permissions off.

    /town set perm outsider off

    and it says allow, and if i turn it to on, still says allow.

    If gotten it to the point where it prevents them from building / opening doors.. but i need towny to protect the chests.. without the itemuse.

    They are all FA-
    BDSI ..

    5:00 bump! :(

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    Just change your config file the "item use" setting (not too sure I understand the problem)
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    Okay basically I want outsiders to not be able to do anything at all.

    Does that make sense, like your an outsider and you come to town abc, you can't open doors, anything, break blocks, etc.

    The problem here is that everything works, BUT the outsider can open chests, i'm trying to prevent that with itemuse!



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    try adding chests to switch ids.
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    Thank's for the reply Shade, could you elaborate on what you meant?
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    in the config
    switch_ids: These are the block ids of levers, buttons, and pressure plates, along with any other toggleable blocks.

    basically this hooks the interact event. this may involve blocking access to blocks when a user tries to interact with a it. this includes chests and any other block event.

    look up the id of chests yourself and add it to the list
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    Yeah, that worked. Awesome plugin. ^^
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    Thank you Shade, by far one of the best plugin's EVER, we are using on our server!
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