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    Hello , im looking for a Plugin that can be use with Enjin or Buycraft.

    Simple Infos
    Gives Player an item that gives items or execute multiple commands
    can be given even if offline or online on the server

    Sorry if im posting this Thread on the wrong Section
    ^^ i dont read the rules sorry
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    Well maybe you should!
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    ok im done reading ._. i read fast
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    This belongs in Bukkit Help... pretty obvious...
    And why not read rules? I mean come on man.
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    Well i only see information and things and so .
    i dont see Bukkit Help there
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

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    Thank you timtower

    although how to close this thread ._. ?

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    Like those poor walruses on the arctic ice D:
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    Ask a moderator to move it.
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