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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Chris Leezy, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Chris Leezy

    i'm running a bukkit server, everything was going fine until i imported a world using multiverse core and now players cannot do anything at all unless they're op, i have no idea why it's doing this, i did not have this problem until i imported the world, the plugins i'm running are
    Custom Enchantments
    Holographic Displays
    Multiverse Core
    Mythic Mobs
    Wizardly Magic

    i have a funny felling worldguard is responsible for this but i cannot find anything that would stop players from doing anything at all, it just gives the message in yellow "sorry you do not have permission to do that here" and a puff of smoke appears.
    Note; this happens on ALL worlds now,
    thanks in advance
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    @Chris Leezy I'm not sure what plugin would be doing that, but i do have a solution to fixing this, i have used this method in the past. Delete a couple of plugins from the server and try again so you if it works all of a sudden then you know its one of the plugins that you just removed, after you know which plugin is causing the problems perhaps there is a required permissions. If not im not sure what to do.
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    That is a WorldGuard issue.
    Check if the world has a WorldGuard region covering the entirety of it using /rg lsit inside the world
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