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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by jordydk, Sep 2, 2012.

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    hi my problem is when people are survivalling they didn't get stuff from the ores and the diamond's pleas help me i have uploaded the plugin's in a screenshot

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    help me pleas
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    and people did not get something when they woodcut something
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    and we can't drop anything
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    Why do you have Orebfuscator, OrebfuscatorLite, RawcriticsOreOrebfuscaton, and XrayInformer? Having both versions of Orebfuscator does nothing except increase lag for no reason (OrebfuscatorLite is a lighter version of Orebfuscator, thus not needing both). Rawcritics seems to do the same thing as Orebfuscator based off of the name. XrayInformer isn't needed if xray can't be done...

    NoCheatPlus + NoCheat = needed...? Actually not sure about that since one might catch something the other doesn't.

    Probably some other plugins doing the same thing from names, but I don't know what all of them do.
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    oke thanks for the tip and can you help me with my question
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    Actually, rereading that, it might be that the player is mining fake ores made by Orebduscator. When they break the ore, do they just get stone/cobblestone or does nothing drop at all?
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    eh in the hole server you can't drop anything and the stuff isn't drop anything like tree's ore's melon's
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    *Just going through your list of plugins to find what messes with items. Also looking for similar plugins*
    • blift=lift
    • XBP (xray block percentage)=XrayInformer
    • My Worlds = Multiverse
    • BattleNight=pvparena
    • UltimateArena (it was uploaded once and is still in planning Hasn't been updated in almost 3 months) = Simplespleef/pvparena/BattleNight/MobArena
    • GroupManager = Permissions (pick one)
    Possible Plugin(s) causing your problem:
    • ServerProtect- Has an antilag feature that blocks players from dropping without permission.
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    Thankyou for your help and is there also a plugin That disable people kicked out the server because some Ine logging in on the Same name


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    It's funny that they help you and you simply don't do anything with it (or not keeping us updated that you done it and the problem still/doesn't persist (anymore).
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    I had a new question Thankyou: is there also a plugin That disable people kicked out the server because some Ine logging in on the Same name

    I placed this before
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    Its Called A Ban :/
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    No when people playing in the server than They get. Kicked out when somebody loging in on the Same name cracked server
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    Why cracked? Make it not cracked. People need to learn to buy Minecraft.
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