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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by beetboxera, May 20, 2012.

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    Hello world! I need help with my bukkit mc server.Now.. a hacker is logging with hundreds of proxies. I know the program. It writes that it can be stopped only with whitelist. Its that one - . I know how to stop the proxies guys, i just need to stop the bots login in the server. Also the bots are logging with the nicks of the players and he has no permissions for anything. He is not even in the server when he is sending the bots.Also, he is kicking the players when joining with their nicks and clear their inventory. And if i set whitelist to true, the ( as i said) bots are logging with the nicks of the white-listed players who play in my server. And that is the problem.And also whitelist is not a option, because i get new players every day. Guys please help us! Thank you!
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    Solution: online-mode=true
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    online-mode: true, but no one cant join after that. Tell me how to stop bots from joining...
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    Listen, running a Minecraft server in offline mode is attracting bots, cheaters and "hackers" like shit attracts flies.

    Don't intentionally run a server with security holes the size of Saturn's rings and then ask for help to fix them. If your networking and server administration knowledge is so low, you probably should not run a risky business like a so -called cracked server.
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