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    I want create a dedicated server, i have search on the plugin word search (http://plugins.bukkit.org/#ti=&ta=all&au=&subm=false&pno=0) but i can't find the login plugin.
    I search the plugin that allows new players to register, when a new player enter i want /register and /login
    I'm sorry for the bad english, all servers have this plugin, but i can't find it.
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    So they have to register with the server and create a password?
    Then their password would be needed upon any login after that?

    Are you running the server in offline mode?
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    Yes, the server is now running on hamachi, when i have all plugins i buy a dedicated and i start it. I want the plugin thath you described.
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    How do you want to store passwords of players? That could be a security risk for them, if they use their normal password.
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    No, i only haven't find the plugin to add /register and /login
    Please, give me the link of this plugin
  6. I know what you mean, but I am not sure which plugin it is.
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    Suggestion: Don't run on hamachi. Learn how to port forward. It's really easy.
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