Help! I'm on Mac OSX Lion! Terminal Permissions Error!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by SGilley, Jan 4, 2012.

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    When I try to run .command files, it won't work! Even the chmod +x thing. Any other solutions?

    P.S. i HAVE read every thread on this, so don't come back w/ that response :/

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    does the file run at all? do you get errors? whats in the file that you are trying to run?
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    craftbukkit.jar, it says "no permission" on a popup, then when I do the so-called "fix", it still either doesn't do anything or restricts permissions.
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    your trying to click and run craftbukkit.jar directly?
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    Try running craftbukkit.jar through Terminal. Go to Applications > Utitlies > Terminal and type the following in:
    cd /path/to/craftbukkit
    java -Xmx1024m -jar craftbukkit.jar
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    Rename .command files as .sh files, then do the following command: "sudo chmod +x". It'll ask for your password, and then set the file as executable. Then, use "./" or "sh" to run it.
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    It says this :/
    Code: line 1: !/bin/bash: No such file or directory
    Unable to access jarfile ./craftbukkit.jar

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    Nathan C

    I can help:

    Stop attempting to homehost and rent a real server.
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    This comment isn't helping at all, and insults someone who is willing to learn!

    make sure you follow this guide,, exactly. I don't have Mac Osx, but that guide made by the Bukkit Creators should definitely work :D.

    Good Luck!
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    @Nathan C
    My home hosted server has better specs than the majority of rented servers. He might just be running a small one for a couple of friends.
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    Depends on your home computer, and on what you define as "the majority of rented servers"... If we're talking about shared/VPS, then maybe you have more RAM or a better CPU, but I doubt you have a enterprise raid 10 array or a 100mbps connection :p.

    If we're talking about dedis, it depends on what you have at home, and what net speed. I have a i7-2600 and 12GB RAM, but my net speed is shit, so even though the physical hardware could support over 1o0 slots, I can't fit more than 10 players on there without ridiculous lag, and even 10 is pushing it. In contrast, my cheap dedi might have a worse CPU and less RAM, but it has a better connection, so it's better than my home computer for the purposes of hosting.

    Of course, if you have a ridiculous home network speed and good hardware, then sometimes it's actually cheaper to host at home (assuming that you have a fast line and you don't mind either sharing your computer with a server or buying dedicated hardware). And of course, if you're willing to spend the money on dedicated server hardware in the first place, then the question of colocation rises up.
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    It also depends what's relevant, you don't need a 100mbps connection for Minecraft or an RAID array. I have about 30 racked servers at home, 29 of them don't even have internet access since they're used for pure computing. The remaining one is what I use and my network is 105/35. I can't ever see myself renting a server, the prices seem ridiculous especially when you can usually afford to buy the specs you're renting if you wait a year.
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    Nice network speed.

    Why would you need 30 racked servers at home? What are you doing, folding?

    As for renting, it depends.. For example, sure I could buy the server I am currently renting used for maybe $300 or so, but my home internet is too slow, so I don't care about paying the rental of $37.50/month (especially so since this way I don't need to worry about power/internet outages, and it's hosted in one of the most secure datacenters in the USA (GoRack), and I get 5 dedicated IPs, and a fast line speed, etc etc)... Even if I expand in the future, I'll just move to Hetzner, as $132/month (+ $160 setup) for a i7-2600 + 16GB RAM + 2x 3TB 6gbps HDD + 1x 120GB SSD + 15TB @ 1gbps (5IPs) is wayyyyy cheaper than purchasing and colocating the same hardware. Past that, the next level would be either renting or colo, depending on what hardware I need. I just see no reason to host at home unless you have extremely fast fiber and can't for some reason afford colocation.
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    So this is the reason you shut down
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    It got renamed to and then I shut it down because I got busy with other stuff.

    Financial computations
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    Are you ever making another server?
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    Ah, that would make sense.
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    This post got very, very offtopic @battlekid and @SwearWord

    As for your problem, try removing or commenting out the first line. As you are running it from bash and not a cronjob, there is no need for that line.

    EDIT: Spelling and below:

    Bash scripts dont start with a !/bin/bash.
    Generally, they start with #!/bin/bash
    So an example would be
    echo Hello World
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