Help can't find the ip to my server!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by CoderBuddy, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I did as the windows version for: setting up a server, everything is fine but how do I find or get the ip for that? Thanks!

    Nevermind! It's just the port!

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    You can use a website such as to find your IP.
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    What IP? Local or external? For local, open CMD, and type in "ipconfig/all". Then look for "IPv4 Address". It should be something like 192.168.X.X or 10.0.0.x. For external, go to a site like
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    Logal: Use CMD and do what thelectronicnub said ipconfig/all

    External: Just Google "what is my ip"
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    Are you talking about a server you set up in your home, a minecraft server running on your personal computer or a server that you are renting from a game hosting provider. If you are using a Hosting service, they gave you an IP that should be listed on your Multicraft Panel. If you set up a server in your home or office or using your personal computer for this service, your internet service provider supplies an IP through DHCP. DHCP is a method of allocating an available IP address to the client computer when it is requested. This IP address is called dynamic because it will change from time to time as your lease on the number runs out or your connection drops and reconnects. You cannot host a service on your local side of the Internet when your IP address is always changing. Fortunately there is a way to get around this and what gollows is a detailed instruction to do this.

    I use a service on the Internet for this called dynDNS. ( You can register a sub domain name with them and use their domain name. I use for my game server. They have a list of domains you can use a mile long. The good part is they handle your DNS services for you and I think they still have a free offering of up to 3 sub-domains for non commercial use.

    After you set up an account with a Dynamic DNS provider, your IP address needs to be reported back to them whenever it changes. To do this, most Internet WiFi routers provide this function for you. This is where we'll start. Log onto your WiFi router and look in advanced WAN or internet setups for Dynamic DNS. Turn it on. it should have a selection of the known DNS providers out there. Select or the the service prrovider you decide on, enter your host's name, your login name, and your password. Save the changes back to your router. This will get Dynamic DNS working.

    With possibly many computers connecting to your router, your router needs to know what computer to send this service request to, what it's local IP address is, and what port to send it to. This is called Port Forwarding. But first, You need to reserve an IP address for the minecraft computer so that one address is available to that computer all the time. I use for my local MC computer's IP address. while making all your router changes, don't forget to save these changes before leaving each page. They may not be there when you return. Now, it's time to set up port forwarding. Look for Port Forwarding on the local side (LAN) of your router's settings. On this setup page you will set up a new service for port forwarding. You will give it a name to remind you what this service is. (I named mine, Minecraft) You will enter 2 sets of port numbers. Each set is a range of ports that you want to be included in this service. One set of numbers is for service requests that come in from the Internet, and the other set of port numbers is what you want the router to translate to. There is no need to move the port numbers, so I make them both the same range of numbers. Minecraft's default port number is 25565. If you were only going to include this one port for your minecraft service, you would make all four numbers the same. But, I am running more than one game on the same server. each game needs it's own unique port number. What I have done is select a range of port numbers that I can use for as many games as I want to set up. I use numbers like 25655, 25560 26666, etc. The range I use on my router is 25000 - 26999 on both sides of port translation. You will also need to specify what protocols will be handled. Set it for TCP and UDP. Then enter the local IP address of your MC server.

    After you are done setting up the router, you need to reconfigure the server's network connection. Change it from DHCP to static. You will need to give it the static address that you just reserved in the router, a mask number (, and some DNS servers' IP addresses. Your ISP should have provided the DNS server numbers that they provide for their customers. If you have those numbers, those are the ones you should use. If not, WiFi routers usually act as a proxy for DNS services and lend their local IP address as a DNS server. If that doesn't work, you could always do what I'm doing and that's use Google's DNS servers ( & for DNS lookup.

    This concludes the setup you need to run a server out of your home or office. Your router should have a page that shows you what computers are logged onto it and their MAC addresses.

    Fire up your server and make sure that it sets up on the address that you reserved for it. If it comes up on any other address, this whole thing will fail. If this happens, the fist thing that I would suspect is that the static IP address that you configured in your server's network services didn't take and it is still requesting an IP address from the router through DHCP.

    Beyond this, for problems, find a friend that understands networking to help you.
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    AncientTom Now, that ladies and gentlemen, is an answer. 1+ Internet for you sir!
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    @AncientTom Respect for such a lengthy answer :)
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    Right click on My Computer won't get your IP address.
    For IP address used for the internet, will work.
    For IP address used for talking to computers in your own house (don't use quotes):

    Start --> Run
    Type "cmd" and click OK
    Type "ipconfig" and press Enter on your keyboard.
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