[Help!] Bukkit.org redirects to Dust514.org?

Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by MikeA, Jun 7, 2012.

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    Today when I got online the main site (http://www.bukkit.org) redirects me to www.dust514.org. This is another curse site I think. Why am I getting redirected there? Even when I try to open threads it redirects me.

    I can only access forums.bukkit.org, plugins.bukkit.org and bukkitdev. This is very annoying. I've cleared all cache, cookies, etc, nothing has helped. Traceroute just goes to the server IP that bukkit.org is hosted on. I use Google's Public DNS service.

    TnT md_5 pl0x help frienz!?

    My PC bluescreen'd while playing Tekkit and now it works... that's odd as shet.

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    This is not actually an issue, it's all on your end.

    It sounds like it could possibly be a virus or an issue with your DNS, I would recommend doing a virus scan just in case.
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    It only happened with Bukkit.org. And it did it through HideMyA$$ proxy earlier too. It fixed after my computer bluescreened due to graphics driver, though, I guess it's nothing to worry about now.
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    Happends for me too
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    I've read about this before, Its a common virus that is downloaded onto your computer by the major porn sites if they believe you watch to much...
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    Wut, i haven't visited a single one of those websites for years (except when friends send me shortned links and tricks me into visiting them :p)
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    Deleted user

    = Get Avast.
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